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Kiprich Says He Is Ready To Clash Tommy Lee At Sting 2012 [Video]

Now that Bounty Killer has pulled out of Sting, Kiprich says he is ready to step up to the plate and clash Tommy Lee.

During an interview this week with Anthony Miller of ER, Kiprich says it all depends on the money when asked if he was willing to take Bounty Killer’s place.

MUSIC: Bounty Killer Ft. Kiprich & Kalado – War Fi God (Tommy Lee Diss)

“Money move mountain still inno,” Kippo said. “They say faith move mountain but money move mountain… so anything possible on that level.”

Last month Bounty Killer shocked Sting promoters when he announced via his Twitter that he will not be performing at the show this year. Killer made the announcement after Sting promoter Laing said Tommy Lee would kill the warlord in a clash.

VIDEO: Isiah Laing Says Tommy Lee would Destroy Bounty Killer At Sting

“It’s official I Rodney Price a.k.a Bounty Killer won’t be doing STING this year, don’t know when again either ppl, Laing too brite to be comparing me to a insect inna music, and did they ask me if I’d clash anybody?” Bounty Killer said on Twitter.

Watch Kiprich and Sting promoters interview below.


  1. kippo ar di big man.

  2. Tommylee caah walk in a my artist shoes nuh day Kiprich a di boss straight lexie say dat nuh behavia big up yuh self mi boss.


  4. Kippo a di real big man.

  5. Kippo big man

  6. I think Kippo is the man to clash at any staging of Sting. He proved himself on the last show nd hopefully Supreme Promotions will contemplate on making him (Kippo) the new Mr. Sting!