Isiah Laing Says Tommy Lee would Destroy Bounty Killer At Sting [Video]

Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, may have caught the ire of Bounty Killer when he made some scathing statements about the warlord clashing Tommy Lee at Sting 2012.

During an interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Laing said Tommy Lee would kill Bounty Killer in a clash at Sting.

Bounty Killer And Ninjaman Says They Won’t Perform At Sting 2012

“The man say any boy put a foot a get shook, so what that tells you,” Laing said.

When asked if Tommy Lee could manage a veteran like Bounty Killer, Laing said “guess what turn it into the boxing ring, you remember Mike Tyson and our own Jamaican veteran boxer, you remember what happened to him?… I watched it at cinema two in 1986 when Mike Tyson hit him never know what hit him.”

Bounty Killer has since hit back at Laing via his Twitter page saying he will not be performing at the show this year.

“Who Laing think him be ppl??? I watched him dissed Beenie, dissed Vado dissed Kartel now dissed Ninja. Dissed me numerous times and finally dissed me again. A the nail inna that Sting coffin now that’s all folks!!” Bounty Killer tweeted

Mavado, Tommy Lee, Bounty Killer Headline Sting 2012

“It’s official I Rodney Price a.k.a Bounty Killer won’t be doing STING this year, don’t know when again either ppl, Laing too brite to be comparing me to a insect inna music, and did they ask me if I’d clash anybody? Nope, but if it was just about the hype and money at this stage in my career I ‘d do it just for the fun of it, but it’s about demanding my respect and protecting my legacy and legendary iconic status,” Killer added on Twitter.

Watch the Laing interview below.