Buju Banton Ordered By Judge To Attend Sentencing Hearing

Buju Banton can’t escape his upcoming sentencing hearing.

The embattled reggae star was ordered by a federal judge to report to his sentencing hearing next month. This comes just days after Buju Banton’s lawyer, Ihmotep Alkebu-lan, filed a request for the singer’s absence.

Buju Banton Axed Lawyer, Seeks New Representation & Trial

Earlier this year Buju Banton lost his appeal to overturn his 10-year prison sentence. Unfortunately, the judge also added his previous gun possession charge which was thrown out during his trial.

Buju Banton could be facing an additional five years for that gun charge.

Let’s hope the judge will be lenient on the Gargamel. His sentencing hearing is schedule for October 30th.

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