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Music: Popcaan – Can’t Believe [Vybz Kartel Diss]

Dancehall star Popcaan drop a new single “Cyah Believe,” off the new Reservoir Riddim produced by Young Vibez Productions.

There are speculations that the former Portmore Empire deejay is taking subliminal shots at his former mentor Vybz Kartel in the new single. Take a look at some lyrics excerpts and make your own judgement.

“Can’t believe them no want mi rich again, them no want mi buy the house near to heaven, you use to tell mi we ago role out in the benz and bm, but mi see it clear a pretend yo did a pretend… mi wi fire gunshot fi mi chargie cuz you an no one, but mi naan ever violate mi friend fi woman, we use to plan say the songs a fi go number one, but now you heard that a me a the man,” Popcaan deejay.

Popcaan and Vybz Kartel fell out earlier this year after news surfaced that the “Ravin” deejay did not visit his former boss behind bars.

Listen to Popcaan “Can’t Believe” below.


  1. sasha d unrulyboss

    diz song iz soo true popy forward dem wah u fi dead but u are go smlie again badmind spark from jelousy talk done know d unruly gang triat <3<3 always sasha

  2. popcaan dan know seh ticha addi really real fada….regrets come later..look pon di gud tings he did 2 yah.

  3. Ni don knw what to thin of seeen but jah knows de best…big up to kartel big to to young popcaan seeen.

  4. ‘Who the cap fits…’ The World Boss is a well talented artist. He just have to learn one thing in life. ‘You build great men, you don’t kill great men’

  5. BLESS!!! JAH KNO!!!

  6. Worl”boss put popcan where he is today dont forgent that

  7. Popcon,mavado.cartel,lee tommy,and all the lost sheep go to hell,they are a disgrace with their lost behaviour and materialistic ‘gangstar ways’ a disgrace to blacks, all we want to hear is capleton,sizzla,fontan mojah,luciano,lutan fyah,bushman.,and the likes,they are inspiration to blacks,the only hope here in the REAL GHETTOES of nairobi.kenya

  8. Popcaan a di baddest !

  9. Popcaans a b–ch anyway. He wouldnt be anyone if Vybz nah step him up. So let the b–ch rant

  10. Jamaal Driverboss Cross

    Y all doe c wah go in on, Ryno get big them fight him down 4 popcann, now popcaan get big them fight him down 4 sparta, wait and c how long tommy lee go last.

  11. Killa beenie kartel mavado aidonia busy sizzla buju Shagge sean Paul shabba ninja mercilless top dogs

  12. Kolt AmbitiousYouth Qupid

    vybe kartel badminded n jealous and don’t understand for your legacy to live on someone new have to take the torch gwan popcaan u ah d man now CYAH BELIEVE.

  13. Poppy a take bout Kartel but rightfully so. Kartel no loyal to no one.

  14. poppi is a real friend and he hold kartel as a friend he always big up kartel addi mi daddy.

  15. No I think he’s talking about Tommy lee