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Mavado To Drop New Collaboration With Popcaan, Tommy Lee & Snoop Lion

Mavado to drop new collaborations with Popcaan, Tommy Lee, and rap icon Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg.

Vybz Kartel may have good reasons to lash out against former Protégés Popcaan and Tommy Lee in an alleged statement released last week. Words reaching Urban Islandz are that both former Gaza members are working on a collaboration with Kartel’s greatest arch enemy, Mavado.

Rumor Control: Mavado Is NOT Dead

A close source to the Gullyside deejay told Urban Islandz that there could be some new unity between Popcaan, Tommy Lee and Mavado.

“The link was made through a third party and a popular producer in Jamaica,” the source said. “Mavado, Popcaan and Tommy Lee are the hottest artists in dancehall right now and we need unity in the industry. You never know you might just see a collab from Mavado and Kartel in the future.”

The source also revealed that Mavado will appear on a Snoop Lion track that also features Popcaan.

“Snoop and Popcaan did a track in February for his reggae album Reincarnation and Vado did some voicing that may be on the track,” the source said.

While declining to divulge much information, the source said Mavado and Tommy Lee may do some work together on an upcoming new Riddim.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Says Tommy Lee And Popcaan Are “Opportunist”

After breaking away from Portmore Empire earlier this year, Popcaan released a lengthy statement proclaiming his interest in working with some unlikely stars in dancehall, including Bounty Killer, Mavado, Beenie Man and more.

Last week Vybz Kartel allegedly released an angry statement through his protege Gaza Slim labeling Popcaan and Tommy Lee as “opportunist” and “disloyal” individuals. It is not clear if that statement has any connection to this piece of news. However, Mavado working with Tommy Lee and Popcaan can only prove beneficial to dancehall.

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  1. nah suh wi do it.gully till laas breath.

  2. Wi fi di wait pon dat!

  3. vybs represent ths modern reggae. None else bt mr palmer

  4. snoop lion a disgrace to reggae.

  5. its gangsta regeme gully gaad do your tin. gangsta fi lyf.

  6. Vybez wz ma man,bt movado z nw risin lyka rocket,wa i cn say z,hz nw conqrn

  7. Cyaah wait fi di tune dem.

  8. It is good see Movado, popcorn and Tommy-lee work together as one we need for all to unite as one.That will make our music become more world wide.

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  10. what we need is music not beefs and crap, waiting for it.

  11. what we need is music not beefs and crap, waiting for it.

  12. Tinashe Masunungure


  13. Tinashe Masunungure


  14. mavado n kartel always grtst o all tyms.