Is Preaching Part Of Vybz Kartel’s Destiny?

Hit songs, tattoos, Benz and legal woes are all a part of Vybz Kartel’s world, but preaching… well that’s a totally different story. However, one Christian man thinks the almighty is calling the Dancehall Hero.

Wayne Clarke, who is a member of Kingston-based Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church of God Ministry, says Vybz Kartel was chosen to do god’s work. While some dancehall fans will laugh at his claims, the 36-year-old devote Christian is adamant that he got a message for the self proclaim Worl’Boss from god.

MUSIC: Vybz Kartel – Looking Glass

This is what Clarke told the Star:

“The time has come… I think the time is right, whenever God give you a task to warn or enlighten you should. Just like Jonah was sent to warn the city of Ninivi and he was disobedient and he was later eaten by a whale!”

“God wants Kartel to do very important works for him. It hurt me so much that I lived so close to where his studio was and reasons beyond my control prevented me from delivering the message directly.”

“He must not carry anything that he achieved from the world (money or vanity), he must leave those things and come. He will be set up properly by God.”

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If Clarke had delivered the message a year or two ago, it would have gone through one ear and comes out the other. But given Kartel’s current legal troubles, the time is just right to deliver the message.

Speculations are that Kartel might have converted to Christianity since his incarceration last year. The image above is a recent one showing the deejay in jail performing his daily prayer ritual.

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