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Vybz Kartel Teams With Russian In Finding The “Badmind” Cure

There is always something great when Vybz Kartel and Russian enter the lab.

The incarcerated deejay has again teamed up with his longtime producer friend Russian on a new single titled “Cure Fi Badmind.”

The Head Concussion head says the track was recorded just before Vybz Kartel’s arrest last year September. Russian says the song addressed the burning issues of envy (Badmind) whenever someone finds success.

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“People always hate on people who are successful. When you are nobody, no one really gives you the time of day. But as soon as you become successful, people have opinions on how you should live your life. I guess it’s because they are envious why they criticise. It’s not necessarily out of concern,” Russian said.

A preview of the single is forthcoming, however, it should hit iTunes later this week.

Vybz Kartel is currently behind bars awaiting trial on a double murder. This year’s September will be a year since his incarceration.