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Marley Widow Rita And Children Are Suing To Protect His Image [DETAILS]

Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, and their children are suing several parties to protect the late reggae music legend’s image.

The Marley family filed the lawsuit last month in a United States court in California against several companies the sell or distribute potpourri/kush products bearing Bob Marley’s image, trademark, name, likeness and other intellectual properties belonging Fifty Six Hope Road Music LTD.

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Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd., owns by Rita Marley and her children with Bob, is the company holding the many trademark and other intellectual property of the late reggae king.

Cedella Marley, who is a director of Fifty Six Hope Road, says the companies are not authorised to use Bob Marley’s image.

“We have never authorised any party to sell these types of products with our father’s image and likeness on them and are very upset to see that people are buying these products and being harmed by them. As a result we felt compelled to take action against the parties that have been illegally manufacturing, distributing and selling these unauthorised goods,” said Cedella.

Timothy Ervin, the lawyer representing the Marley family, says a licence was not issued to the companies named in the lawsuit

“Hope Road has never granted a licence to any party to use any of the Bob Marley IP on such products, which have been made to resemble synthetic marijuana. Hope Road intends to vigorously pursue any parties involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of these infringing Bob Marley products,” said Timothy Ervin of the law firm Gallant & Ervin, LLC.

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Earlier this month US Marshals conducted a raid on the facilities of the defendants, seizing hundreds of illegal products bearing Bob Marley’s name and image.

56 Hope Road has since obtained an injunction stopping the companies from manufacturing the products.