Bunny Wailer Unhappy With Marley Documentary, “As a Rasta, I felt disrespected”

Reggae icon Bunny Wailer, the only surviving member of the reggae group The Wailers, is not too fond of the new Bob Marley documentary by film maker Kevin McDonald.

Bunny Wailer feels that a key aspect of the late reggae legend life was omitted from the film, his Rastafarian faith.

According to Wailer, Bob’s music was heavily influenced by the 1966 visit to Jamaica by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

Bob Marley, who rose to super stardom in the 1970s, would spread the word of Rastafari through his music, a key aspect of his life that Bunny Wailer feels the film should have given more focus.

“Rastafari was what Robert Marley sang about all his life. Rasta music is the legacy he has left us. When I looked, I did not see an emphasis on Rasta — our faith, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie and the influence these had on the man Robert Marley,” Wailer said.

Bunny Wailer is also angry about the use of the Rastafarian colour, red, green and gold, as a carpet at the Jamaican premiere of the film.

“As a Rasta, I felt disrespected,” Bunny Wailer said. “I was not comfortable with the fact that they had Rasta colours on the ground… it turned me off and I decided not to attend the event.”

“It is all very troublesome and upsetting that all of this took place. How are they going to fix this?” Bunny Wailer questioned.

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