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Mavado Talks Beef With Flexx, Vybz Kartel Murder Charge [Video]

Gullyside general Mavado has stepped forward to address recent reports of a beef between himself and longtime friend and fellow artist Flexx.

Flexx first broke his silence a week ago during an interview with Winford Williams on On Stage, where he called out Vado for disrespecting him.

During his interview with Williams, Mavado said the situation has blown out of proportion.

“Me and Flexx no have nutten,” Mavado said in Jamaican patois. “We all know how di media love blow things out of proportion and try to tarnish my name.”

On the ongoing legal troubles of his former friend turn nemesis Vybz Kartel, Mavado said:

“Mi been away and mi just a hear what happen… mi no feel good. Mi no know the deepness a it or anything yo know, but mi just don’t feel good, cuz its not like mi and him did enemy that we waan get read a each other or anything like that, it was all about the music, who can make the best hit songs,” Mavado said.

Watch full interview and performance below.


  1. why all them Artist can’t just get along? and stop run down each other they all make good music and we love them no need to fight down each other…. now is the time to share love not hate!

  2. dem no lyk th yute cuz him work hard fi him food so dem dwah turn di fans against him but it nuh work.gully 4 life.

  3. stay positive vado good look, keep your head up and represent jamaica and the music….. vado to the world….