Vybz Kartel Breaks Silence On Aids Rumors, “The Wickedes Disease Badmind”

Days after rumors spiral out of control about Vybz Kartel living with the HIV virus, the dancehall deejay breaks his silence on the issue.

Earlier this week Urban Islandz told you that sources inside the Gaza confirmed that the rumors have no truth to it. Now the self proclaim “World Boss” told the Star that there is “no truth” to the rumors.

“There’s no truth whatsoever to that statement. That’s just frivolity on behalf of some unscrupulous clowns. What I’m interested to know is why they would wanna start a rumour about HIV when they know that I’ve copulated with their moms, sisters, aunts, girlfriends and all the other females in their pathetic little insignificant life.”

Vybz Kartel also took to Twitter to dismiss the allegations.

“Dem a worry bout HIV, when a dem have the wickedes disease – badmind” (Vybz Kartel Twitter)


  1. nah cal kartel dat im av hiv, wah mi know is im fear jah, nah di f–king rumors u a go search fame wid,

  2. kartel, you have just confessed that u hav been with over 100 women for the month of May, so it is quite possible that u are a carrier of HIV.

  3. BAP! BAP! BAP tell dem yah mi man.

  4. Sd Pipeline Mswati

    Di boss speaks! He is a T-cha for di sucker fools a demonic t-cha 4 di demons in everywhere blackman is struggling Vybz can talk better staff;better to represent your people all over the world than looking for attention use your music to help black nation rise like Europeans, Englishmen, Americans.

  5. Melvin Hibbert

    yah man dem wah clown kartel.

  6. Sarah Fearon-Diallo

    Di boss speaks! Kartel Jackson