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Corey Todd On Vybz Kartel: “I Don’t Know How A Car Can Change A Person”

Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd

Vybz Kartel former business partner Corey Todd continues to shed light on his recent split with the Portmore Empire leader.

In a interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Todd said he has received several death threats from the gaza don.

“My life is threaten, I mean there has been threats made to my life, things said and play so I have to let the public know,” Todd said in Jamaican patois. “he said, if I think I can diss him am gonna die the same day, if you tell any embassy, you could tell any police, yo a go dead.”

Corey Todd went on to state that Vybz Kartel wanted to get read of him because of greed and deviousness.

“I know certain things yo know and he wanted to get read of me because of greed and deviousness, and he had a evil sinister plot,” Todd said using Jamaican dialect. “When i met him at first he wasn’t like that but money change people, the S-Class which is very strange, i don’t know how a car can changes a person but it did.”

Corey Todd shocked fans early last week when he came out public about his split with the the self proclaim “World Boss.”

Vybz Kartel have since responded with a statement and a new song.

Get more scoop on the Corey Todd and Vybz Kartel split below.


  1. I have been turned off by the numerous grammatical errors; please improve on this. Your readers deserve it

    • Sorry about that… for libel law reasons we try not to edit quotes made by individuals in interviews. we try our best to make readers understand some quotes made in Jamaican dialect, but we can’t always edit out everything so as to avoid publishing false stories.

      Thanks for making it Urban Islandz