Did Vybz Kartel Admit To Oral S3x Rumor? [Audio]

Dancehall Hero Vybz Kartel told fans earlier this year that “the only thing you can expect from Vybz Kartel is the unexpected.”

An alleged snippet of a new Vybz Kartel track was send to Urban Islandz, of the deejay delivering one of his signature style verse.

Vybz Kartel deejay, “hey gal mi have supm mi waan seh, mi waan kiss yo pon da p*+sy jaw deh, it sound fiesti but do nuh walk whe.”

The source told Urban Islandz that the track was leaked from inside the Gaza, and should have been an unreleased version of another track called “Come Yah No Mi Gal.”

Several dancehall deejays have in the past bashed the Empire leader, accusing him of engaging in oral s3x, a claim Di Teacha has denied, but did say he have no problem being on the receiving end.

Vybz Kartel have a hot new track called Freaky Gal that is creating waves in dancehall.

Listen snippet below… WARNING MUST BE OVER 18 TO LISTEN.

[audio:http://cdn.urbanislandz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Vybz-Kartel-Kiss-U-pu–y-Snippet-Unreleased-LEAKED-BY-NOTNICE-April-2011.mp3|titles=Vybz Kartel – Kiss U pu–y (Snippet) (Unreleased) [LEAKED BY NOTNICE]

The question now is this snippet real and was it leaked by Vybz Kartel or his associates?

Your comments below.

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  1. nasty bwoy!!! to rated ! bleach out face ! dutty tattoo ! dem bwoy deh gone !

  2. unu just foooooooooooooooool is a splice