Culture Artist Exco Levi Fired Shots At Vybz Kartel [Audio]

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The list of reggae and dancehall artists taking shots at Vybz Kartel over his bleaching continues to grow.

Reggae artists Exco Levi drop a new track calling out the Dancehall Hero for bleaching his skin and influencing the young generation to follow.

Peep the new Exco Levi track “Bleach” below.


  1. SONG BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. a big tune ! fi real ! rastaman nuh inna di bleachin thing !! kartel afi get bun !

  3. RASTA bun up dem bleacha !! rasta a real thing rasta nuh bleach !! memba dat ! big up di black color skin !

  4. mi a try figure which part of the song wasn’t talking about Vybz Kartel

  5. excolevi a noh gun fire shot at no one,he is and artist and a rasta…………..he records that song along time ago……….