More Shots Fired: Unknown Deejay Went All Out On Vybz Kartel… Diss Track Inside

Lets see how well this will go down with the Gaza Massive.

An unknown deejay earlier this week dropped a new diss track aimed at the Gaza Emperor Vybz Kartel himself.

The track titled The Truth-(Kartel Correction) was uploaded to Youtube on Tuesday (Nov 2), by a user name “NameUntouchable.”

Urban Islandz ask a source close to the Gaza if they know the identity of the artist behind the track and the source confirmed no, but speculations in the camp that it might be Kiprich or Ryno.

“Wi no find out a who yet but dem no fi hide and do chune, dem fi come upfront mek wi deal wid dem through the music, but it waan sound like da yute de Kiprich or Ryno.”

“All duppy waan diss Di Teacha, dem juss badmind,” the source added.

Listen to track below… explicit view with caution

[audio:|titles=Name-The Truth-(Kartel Correction)]

Who you think is the artist behind the track?

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  1. The song baddddddddddddd no hellllll……….jah no it reallllllll………….jah know!!!!!!!!!

  2. MADDDEST 4 2010!