Rumor: Vybz Kartel And Russian Have Beef… Story Inside

An ever so reliable source told Urban Islandz that the Gaza Emporer Vybz Kartel and Producer Russian are having a fallout.

The big question is what happened? Well this is what the source said:

Russian who did the hit song “Jeans N Fitted” with Vybz Kartel, has reportedly signed some new artists who were supposed to be signed to Kartel Portmore Empire. The source said because of some allegations that Vybz Kartel is beating members of Gaza, the new and upcoming artists opt to sign with Russian who is a producer with his own label.

“Di yute dem neva waan sign with Empire cuz dem fraid a Kartel. Di man a beat di man dem when him buss dem like some lickle yute,” the source said.

The source who have strong links to Kartel Gaza, also said Russian has been doing work with artists from rival Bounty Killer Alliance.

“Kartel a tell di yute fi no do no work with Alliance man dem, but di man is a producer and him a fi eat food and work wid everybody,” the source said.

“Di man a mash Empire and him no see it,” the source added.

Earlier this week Urban Islandz reported that members of the Alliance release a new diss track called “Nuh Bad Like We,” which attacked the whole Gaza both past and present. Kartel is rumored to be busy recording two counteractions .

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