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Did Beyonce Kicked Groupies Out Jay Z Room While On Tour ?

beyonce and jayz pic

Beyonce and Jay Z marriage crisis is intensifying. But now there are new reports claiming that the pop star had a meltdown on tour over Jay Z groupies.

For the last few months, hip-hop’s royal couple has been rocked with divorce and cheating rumors from both sides. Beyonce’s tweaking of the lyrics to her old single “Resentment” has only exacerbate the situation.

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According to Star magazine, Beyonce got frustrated by the increasing number of female groupies converging backstage their On The Run tour, some of who are going into Jay Z’s dressing room.

“Jay had all these women in his room, and Beyonce ordered everyone out,” a tour insider said. “She called the women cockroaches and said they need to be fumigated. She gave death stares to every person as they filed out one by one.”

Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly have separate dressing rooms adjacent to each other while touring.

Jay Z and Beyonce

Last week In Touch reported that Beyonce and Jay Z had a huge blow up after catching him getting touchy feely with a blonde female.

The couple has been using their on stage affection to fight off the rumors but still there are constant talks inside their circle of cheating and a possible divorce.

Last Weekend Beyonce posted a photo of herself and Jay Z holding hands on stage with a simple caption.

“‘On the Run’ is an epic show because beyonce and Jay Z really have no equals,” Beyonce wrote. “As individuals, they’re impressive. But together, they’re unstoppable.”

Beyonce JayZ holding hands

In 2011 Beyonce said she has always been a Jay Z groupie.

“I’ve always been a Jay-Z groupie,” Beyonce told the women on The View during an interview.

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  • Yardie

    Beyonce will be a single woman by the end of the year. She should have hooked up with Sean Paul back in the day cuz a real Yardie would treat her good.

    • Loretta Davis

      That’s a lie, Bey dont want nobody but Jay z. They love each other
      Bey dont know how to handle him yet. She will find her way, they still learning each other ways besides, he aint leaving her he love
      Blue. Read between the lines.

      • john

        thats why some of you will always stay unhappy…Jay is playing here -time to move on…

  • Kimberly Avon

    Everyone keeps think Beyonce is going to stick around for Jay’s shi…
    He is 44 about to 45 and she 32 about to be 33. He still wanna do like he used to on the block… when he was still young and full of himself. You are too old for that. Beyonce is worth about 1/2 a BILLION dollars by herself. Hate to put it that way but Jay ain’t “eye” candy like that to be playing “the hottest chick in the game… still”. Even if you don’t like her… her stats speak for themselves and once she gets a taste of someone treating her right he will have egg on his face because she is no longer a “girl” she’s a Woman (Big Diff) aka she is the BUSINESS Man!

  • NYC one

    I agree she wants Jay Z she knows he was a womanizer when she got with him . Some women think you can change a Man U cannot . I like Beyoncé she needs to move the hell on life goes on . Lots of people have issues in their relationship .

  • Kimberly Avon

    That is why HE is the one trying to save the marriage… Jay already know what’s gonna happen when she reaches the point of no return. He is going to be the butt of every joke in the media… Trust and believe… HE know. She is “Americana” they will put her on a pedestal and he will be the hot mess for the coming next 5 years… watch. I know his publicist and public relations people have already told him.

    • iyekamara

      You are so right as fan we have to continue to pray support love our bey for life I love her so much and she really love jay and one man woman but jay has done herwrong so many time bey love is for life that is what make me sad for her

  • taja1

    This is a ghetto news media outlet. The publishers can’t spell! Don’t believe the hype!

    • Lucy

      YES! Too many typos.