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Beyonce Confirms Jay Z Cheating In New “Resentment” Lyrics

Beyonce and Jay Z are experiencing increase scrutiny over their cheating allegations after Queen B performed a song last weekend with some telling new lyrics.

Jay Z’s wife gets real personal while performing her single “Resentment,” during a concert in Ohio on Saturday night.

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But what really caught everyone’s attention was when she tweak some of the lyrics from the song. The single “Resentment” was released 6 years ago in.

Dissecting Beyonce “Resentment” lyrics revealing cheating allegations.

These are some of the original lyrics:

“Been ridin’ with you for six years”

“I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me.”

“Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could”

She tweaked the six and changed it to twelve and some other words in the lyrics. This was the modified version she sang.

“Been ridin’ with you for twelve years”

“I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me. She ain’t even half of me. That b**ch will never be.”

“Like I couldn’t do it for you like that wack b**ch could.”

Watch Beyonce performing “Resentment” live in Ohio for her and Jay Z On The Run tour stop.

These lyrics are very telling and could confirmed the rumors that has been circulating all these years that Jay Z has been cheating on Beyonce.

Jay Z was not on stage with her during that performance but he was backstage and later joined her.

Last month rumors also surfaced online claiming that Beyonce has been cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard Julius De Boer as revenge.

Beyonce and Jay Z at Coachella


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      • Based on certain replies, my assumptions kind of hold weight. Most women are to blame 60% of the time, I bet I rattled some readers nerves.

      • How can you blame a woman if her man cheats?! We don’t require much. I can’t read your mind to know what’s going on. I know men have a hard time communicating their feelings and tend to me emotionally unavailable. I don’t want to have to monitor your phone conversations and hire a P.I., damn men need so much stimulation? What happens when I cheat?*sighs* You still expect a bag full of tricks after 6+ years of marriage? You sound like you go from one chick to the next let me guess dramatic ones too.roflmao You don’t appreciate the good girl you want the femme fatale middle finger flicking chick that is taking you for a ride. roflmao (it appears to be the ride of your life though)

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      • We all have our opinions, but I used to cheat for wanting more in terms of being with women that had different personalities. Now I’m pass that phase, I would rather be upfront than beat around bush.

        If you are young and cheating, I see nothing wrong with that, we all have been naive somewhat when it comes to life.

        Life too short to feel anyway, but I would feel some way if I knew I was the cause to someone unhappiness. Idk if I will ever get married btw so yea..

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        Who said anything about throwing that blood diamond away? I appreciate the story behind it and I have no problem giving it back to you.:)

      • So my mind reading powers are wrong? So you never strung two chicks along?! roflmao You never caused some poor girl heartache… I don’t mean the oh this isn’t working it’s me not you bs heartache either. ;) You thought I playing when I told you that I was giving you a T.R. :)

      • Guess you figured me wrong, nope never strung two people along.. If anything I don’t consider someone you casually take out as stringing along. You make this seem complicated, I guess that why you walk out on dudes cause you been into too many relationships…(Yes there such a thing) I’ve been in more long term than short term relationships so I guess my qualities make me catch… Just have to straighten out my life or I’d be wasting someone’s else time.

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      • I just read the entirety of this conversation and felt very willing to
        comment. I find it interesting that you two have been willing to go on
        for so long! It seems as if the discussion has been littered with a lack
        of clarity and contradictions – which I would attribute as one of the
        main causes of its continuation. Not to be mistaken… I am not here to
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        statement really avoids a foundation of logic. I will say, though, that
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        women must always be subservient to men. This has been a great read! I encourage you to continue your discourse. I do, however, have one suggestion: Before trying to persuade one of the significance of the respect of a woman, be sure there is an understood necessity of equality!

      • Thanx :) most of our interaction (Tweley and I) is mainly banter. He’s a very cool dude and he makes me laugh and vice versa. I’ll keep that in mind.(equality) ;)

      • Actually I’ve been following the story between you nerds both trying to get a read on the man and woman situations but both of you are lost in space both of you need to get married at least you have a topic to keep you busy.

      • :) well ok then lol neither of us want to get married.

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