Vybz Kartel live

Vybz Kartel release a new gospel single “Ordinary Servant,” produced by TJ Records.

Jah a guide mi, mi provider
Yeh you make mi, a survivor
Mi no hungry, mi no naked
Poverty a Goliath, mi a David
The kids alright, mi mother nah beg
Mi put a nice roof over fi her head

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Listen full track below.

  • Damion

    People have been cleared in the judicial system on more than 1 occasions let’s just see how the appeal process turns out a lot of lies and fabrication was done in his case something still don’t add up you kill 1 and leave the other no that’s not bad man law no witness if your gonna do the crime they said he and his friends did.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Pray the Thruth Will Prevail

    • guest

      I am so curious. What were the lies and fabrications? How you have such knowledge yet his legal team didn’t? Well you in the wrong profession. Unless you a lawyer or pi. I think with your knowledge he should a hire you instead. How all that so apparent to you. Like I said I’m curious.

  • Michael Jordan of dancehall

    His lifestyle is his.Kartel might rot in jail but TO ME,Adidjah Azim Palmer remains the most gifted dancehall artist ever to come out of Jamaica and I mean,EVER.

    • Starboy

      Most gifted or stupid huh?

      • Michael Jordan of dancehall

        depends with your perception,I repeat,TO ME

    • Gloria Thompson

      And that’s why the Haters want to keep him away…

  • Burn gaza

    God nuh like u from u bleach yr face . Addi deh a a jail a f::k batty becuz we all knw him love the back door .

    • Gloria Thompson

      U r a Very Evil person. God is Love

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Like him open your back door already.


    a when darkness reach u unnu memda GOD murderer GOD no wan hear from u now him cork him ears dem DWL a the devil u fi a song to

    • guest

      The beauty of Jesus is he died to save the sinner. So if you believe in God you need to know that he there for all of his children and for that he gave his son that we all can see his glory. We need to always humble and remember all sin is sin. Only one sin greater. Kartel may have committed that sin too but since we are all men only God can judge his soul. He facing man judgement in prison.

      • Gloria Thompson

        And only God know if he’s guilty. God is Love

  • NYC one

    Too late for Kartel . They have dismantle his thug mentality community . Kartel is not going any where . He deserve what he got he hang around too much men .