Vanessa Bling – Have Mercy On Me Lord (Gospel) Lyrics

Lord, have mercy on me lord
Down on my knees as I pray lord
Keep me safe, keep me safe
Keep me safe lord

Have mu=mercy on me lord
Lord, have mercy on me lord
Down on my knees as I pray lord
Keep me safe, keep me lord

(Verse 1)
How lord you know my pain
You know the stress I bear
Through the good and the bad times
You never leave me no
Never forsake you lord
I know you hear my prayer
And you promise me that everything will be ok
Lord you hear my cry and you listen me
And you send an angel for my stressing day

Many trials I’ve face
Obstacle in my way
I remember nights there’s a pillow to rest my face

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
One more chance, one more chance, one more chance
One more chance, one more chance
Please hear me, one more chance
Please have mercy, one more chance
Please forgive me, one more chance
I’ll never be the same
That’s all I really need from you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
As I come to you as a child lord
Heal that one on the sick bed suffering today
Hear that voice calling from behind the bars
Father your my provider lord
Your my shield, my protector
Every day, every day, every day

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. These two need to stop thr farce. I am not going to comment on who deserve forgiveness. That between them and their God. Realising that they never were saying lord lord before so I must wonder who this show for. Are they truly repentant or do they think man is who they need to fool. Because they sure can’t fool the almighty. I suggest they fall to their knees humble like a child and plea for mercy because this ploy might work on men but God He will forgive but he can’t be fooled