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Gaza Deejay Nana Ice Says Kartel And Gaza Is In Illuminati [VIDEO]

Gaza Illuminati

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  • TheRealSage

    Finally the truth come out. Gazaaaaa! where r u guys, let me hear u praise this. SMDH. Why even pretend to hate homosexuals? At least many gays still respect God.

  • Sizzla Kalonji

    Dem batty man gaza youth ya luu star. fire and brimstone fi dem. how yo fi worship the devil and sell your soul.

    • UK reggae

      Maybe u should say that about the artist not every thing the media say is true

      • paulette wright

        well if they sold them selves to the devil i hope he paid them, better yet, looked like he did 35yrs in hell Ahhhhhhhhh Sah Amen

  • P money

    N___a please aint no white man lettin u in anywhere lmao stop playin yourself idiot n go back to your mommas house !
    Kartel is no illuminati, couldnt be if he wanted to
    Same goes for you

    • Eve

      its the devil , not the white man .. at the end of the day these people can be used to fool the multitude .. so why not let them in ?

      • P money

        Fool who? Wat u talkn bout? Nobody knows dem n they proly dont even have visa or running water,wot effn mason is in 3 rd world? kmt. Deluded idiots,just tryna use kartel name.

      • Eve

        Dwllllll ???????????? either way they have people who actually worship satan

      • Lion1980

        There are masons in the Caribbean for many years ,remember that most of the it was property of the U.K .Anyone who are mason and hear this rambling knows better to even justify this man’s statement ,they would most likely laugh

    • xavier b.

      That’s whut me ahsaid illuminati is only white,
      Dem not letting you or anybody in. there da 1 percent and there bloodline is European dem pure white and what dem funny is dem is gay they support gay life style your confused yung buck.God will come 1 day and white
      all evil from earth.

  • P money

    Hahhahaah nana aka Pu–y ice


  • Guest

    Illuminati? come on now this is a joke even if the Illuminati really existed no way they would accept Kartel as a member. People need to stop with this Illuminati BS.

    • Georgiajam

      Im gettin tired of people sellin der soul. But if they want go to hell then so be it. I agree wit u this is bs God didnt make us to worship the devil he made us to worship him and that is all I have to say

      • gary dale

        They say things like this to keep people like you talking because you still believe in the bull the European sold our ancestors about god and devil hell and heaven its all garbage created by ancient Hebrew and Roman Catholic use it to get rich by Brian washing Europeans who then tooit to africans and we as a new generation fail to educate ourselves.our believes are still stuck in the third century I bet you still believe there’s duppy and ghost.

      • lion1980

        We blacks knew believed in an afterlife before Europeans said this ,a matter of fact it’s our teaching they remixed and sold back to us in an unrecognizable way and a gap of 400 plus years helped to accomplish that!Look up ancient Kemit,the Dogon,The Moors and Zulu who told you of an afterlife without dying except in the case of the Kemetics and interaction with “star people”.We were the 1st mystery schools also ,where Europeans came to learned the idea of mystery, we were not doing it for rule ,domination and war but for posterity .

      • gary dale

        Lion humans have always believed in an after life I don’t disagree with that.but the religion we hold today was created by Hebrew in Mesopotamia its Judaism, Romans liked it because it was written and well put together so the adopted it and add Christianity to it a new version,Paul who wrote most of Christianity was a Jewish Roman citizen wo wrote the new testament in greek,Greece was a part of the Roman empire. Of the three groups you name the moors were the most advanced the arab burbons converted them to islam in Morocco before the cross over in spain took the land from the visgots and build the greatest city ever seen called al andaluce but they adopted islam and studied from Alexander library.

  • cloud9

    His mom must be so proud!! Smh.

  • Michael Adams

    Getting into the illuminati is a privilege. It’s unbelievable that these goons are in any free masonry. They probably thinks they worship the devil or attend some spiritual church and get the feeling!

  • Leigh

    Dis dude and his whole crew, indeed, may be devil worshippers… But you ARE NOT in the illuminati. The illuminati deals with their own bloodline, anyone else is just one of their puppets. So these dudes are just amateur admirers of a society/group that they really know nothing about and that’s why they have fallen to such a demise. They don’t know what they have put their time and energy into and it shows and has backfired on them. If you are apart of the illuminati and a freemason, why haven’t they freed up Kartel then, where’s your power and ranking???
    I’ll be waiting for over 35 years and eternity for that answer….

    • xavier

      They don’t free vybz because he’s not white he’s just a puppet to them illuminati are trillionares they call all the shots in this world. And they want to be a secret until they can control us there 1 percent of them and there’s 7 billion people in the world they can’t control that many people, but once the reduce it to 500 million then they will come out. Read books look up slavi illuminati defector on you tube she’s in hiding from them .

    • I&I

      Funny ting is …Isnt the person who started the illuminati hate black ppl ….smbch

  • Burn gaza

    Who is tis gaza fag, him nuh have any song pon radio everybody knw kartel a freak from long Time him eat shorty pu**y and smash her in d black door , nasty boy that a good thing daddy devil deh a jail becuz him jus come and gi dancehall a bad time . Him can stay dwn a jail and work him girl friend Shawn storm in d black door. Addi deh a jail and a f**k batty

  • Eve

    well judgement day soon reach soo we ah guh see what dem affi when dem God speaks

    • GOD loves ALL his CREATION

      LOOK at at these judges dwl…Just make sure all a unnuh reach a heaven when GOD come ok!!
      Seems like a unuh and GOD a link or u guys r the gate keeper for HEAVEN..I laugh at idiots anf pity the FOOL.

      • Eve

        Who is judging !???!!! Please shut your mouth I said judgement day is coming soon and God will speak .. So move and gwehhhhh !!

      • gary dale

        Eve mess it up for the human race in the garden of Eden so I really don’t think she will make it through the pearly gates. LOl

      • Eve

        God is forgiving lol

  • Emmanuel Abukuse

    pls free da gaza king

    • gaza is in israel

      There’s ain’t no king in israel you daft prat

      • gary dale

        Actually Gaza is in Palestine dumb dumb.

      • gaza is in israel

        And where is Palestine ape and yet vybz kartel calls portmore gaza when they ain’t such a real name in portmore so who the prat now soft lad

      • guest

        You really are stupid aren’t you. Spouting ignorance everywhere. Sad pathetic fool Israel is Israel Palestine is Palestine. Go hide white fool. No one here cares. Go kill yourself

  • jocky

    Urban links Share one of nana ice songs let me hear please

  • Ijenel

    Can i hear a Gaza nana ice song please please

    • YzUp

      Gaza nana ice- alkaline diss

  • Mz242Barbie

    If he was a true Illuminati he would no to keep his mouth shut that’s not something u brag about even in the states the celebrities that we no are in the Illuminati deny that the are.. That’s a secret society u tink they want a damn fool amongst dem that can’t keep him mouth on his face… My advice to him is to shut up before he find himself in a bad situation he can’t get out for talking to much

    • gary dale

      I really don’t think any celebs are luminati people say they are because they are filthy rich and we are so dumb we wonder how could they be so rich they must have sold their soul to the devil,but the fact is they are rich because we spend our hard working money making them rich.

  • Mz242Barbie

    What type of name is Nana Ice him need fi try again with dat name

  • YzUp

    The illumianti use people like jayz kartel riri to send out the mssg. Yh they have a bloodline like the queen of england rothchilds n so on but they use masons n artists to promote that god na make the world aha thas a joke ting.

    • gary dale

      That’s bull , jayz them get rich because we stupidly spend our hard working money buying their garbage over the years,and they get Jewish accountants to invest their money for them.I don’t disagree that their are powerful secret organization ,the percy family,house of Rothschild,jp morgan and others make up.but black entertainers are not apart of them if blacks get too rich their fellow blacks ready to start talking crap real crab in a barrel mentality.

  • Gramps

    If he was a member of a secret society he would keep it secrect.

  • LustinBeaver

    FACT! The ILLUMINATI is real!
    FACT the ILLUMINATI moves in secrecy and “own” almost everything we deal with financially or in everyday life.
    FACT most people have no idea of what the Illuminati really does.
    The idiots who claim to be Illuminati are just trying to get a hype and to get people to “oooh and Awe”

  • gaza in not in portmore

    Nana ice supports the illuminati he not in it because the illuminati members don’t expose themselves as being members to the public he a devil worshipper a low ranking member of that to niqqers are too stupid as long as there keep fighting each other we White’s are happy

  • BigMonting

    first off who is nana ice . neevr heard of him before . People have to understand free mason and Illuminati is two different things . Do you guys homework and realize what the difference is . The illuminiati wouldn’t accept the gaza yutes .

  • bun demon artists

    long time BOUNTY KILLER did a tell unnu and now mofrado analkaline and konshens inna it big time devil gone wid dem soul BUT GOD na sleep c what happen to kartel their time must farward

  • illuminati is real

    illuminati real so all who no believe a live inna denial so from a artists want money hype and fame he or she afto sacirfice someting or someone life for it u afto do it to gain fame and to u gaza fans all if kartel comes and admit the fact that he is a part of the illuminati unnu still a deny it wake up people and face reality

  • Gazaman

    a f—ry that!! hem a lie!! he is not a part of the Gaza, we dont kno him



      • Gazaman


      • gaza is not in portmore

        There no such place on earth as portmore gaza you stupid ape

      • gaza is not in portmore

        No one knows you are in israel you stupid prat

      • Gazaman

        am glad they kno you!!

      • gaza is not in portmore

        They don’t know me I’m from England I don’t call myself something I’m not just vybz kartel calls portmore gaza yet he never been to gaza strip you have reggae aartist named John Wayne and yet the real John Wayne hates niqqers and was a freemason just like in England you have a sound named Saxon studio and the saxon from Germany were pagans jamaican are very inferior you have a flag that’s look like Scotland flag maybe that’s why a lot of people in jamaica with Scottish surname like browne Campbell Clarke and PALMER did I say PALMER ain’t that vybz kartel surname I can see why he wanted to look white

      • gaza is not in portmore

        Your not from Israel you stupid slag

      • P money

        Silly gyal, this clown was never heard of till yesterday. Silly opportunist using kartel name. Stupid b___ch stay in a kitchen

      • WeezyJ

        Das becuz you are gaza nana lolololol

    • JESSY


      • gaza is in israel

        Yes it does its in israel

      • P money

        Actually,it is not .try again.

      • gaza is not in portmore

        I don’t need to try again it’s in israel in God chosen land

      • Gazaman

        yuh no kno nottin.

  • Janaa Pickford

    This fool. These ppl would’nt give this wanna be Idiot the time of their day. That society only deal with ppl who keeps their mouths shut, and who have high class and value. If he was apart of the society and open his mouth, he’d be dead before his confession is published. Liar,liar, pants on fire. Police soon fix this idiot up anyways.



    • gaza is in israel

      Shevel is a devil worshipping wanker

    • P money

      You muss be dat fish boy stamma gramma, always chattin same dumb s___h wit your fake accounts, its obvious,youre the only n___a supportin issh that doesnt exist or noone care for dwl. Fiiiish



  • Tiger General

    Are u guys all idiots? There is no illuminatti and hes clearly just another dude trying to tarnish Kartels name. I wouldnt doubt it if “Gaza Nana Ice” is one of the same people who set Kartel up. He knows a lot of people are stupid and will believe what hes saying.

    • gaza queen

      you know you guys are the one who destroy vybz kartel and every trying youth did you know if the artist even said this for real? and urbanisland should not delete the good comment abouth the artsit thats not good to destroy a person who we all dont even know and hear what hes has to say

      • Tiger General

        What are u talking about? Im supporting Kartel. Im agreeing that articles like this are trying to tarnish his name which i dont agree with. I dont know if nana ice really said these things but they said there is a video and if he did say these things i bet he is trying to give gaza artists a bad name.

      • gaza is not in portmore

        You have to support him because your a devil worshipper like him you twat

      • P money

        Stamma queen, hay gurl

      • GazaReelz

        Dwl dwlllll

  • portmore gaza

    i dont think this story is true we have to get to the bottom of this

    • No gaza in portmore

      Oh shut up you stupid monkey





    • P money

      You ain no gaza, deluded lil n___a!!!!!!

      • No gaza strip in portmore

        The monkey has never been to gaza and his talking a place his never been to gaza strip the original Gaza is not in portmore


        u a batty man or wah mi know u dont comment pon mi thing u a mussy batty man kmt

      • P money

        No n___a, , ur nana is,its y u call him dat u fish bwoi ,bullet!! Noone respects you,lil lyina–b___ch,stop playn yerself out!!

    • gaza is not in portmore

      Your not the next generation of gaza because your from gaza you stupid black ape

    • GazaReelz

      Go sell alkaline battywash ,broke boy

    • GazaReelz

      A who the h*ll are you!? Gaza is Gaza forever, there is no “next”, you dont exists, Kartel n co. Dont know you,dont claim you,never approved you- so you are the one going against him by being cheap opportunist and using the name. You a joke bwoi!

  • leah

    i knew it i just knew it

  • dancer

    Devil worshipers ha ..they like Judas better him didn’t born.nana ice will be nana boiling wata when Di fire blaze under him bombo.

  • Nikki Kartel

    there goes the haters, media and nay sayers again – remember the ball goes on both sides of the court like tennis – you better watch out cuz life is a cycle. Now that the man was conspired against and sent away for life, everyone has something to say, even people who we never even heard of are popping up their head. They are cowards, they could not talk all the time because they were not sure if Kartel would be freed! Now he got convicted, they have so much things to say right!

  • tenchu

    “Nana Ice admits that Portmore Empire was a devil worshipping group and they are all part of the Illuminati.”

    And that counts as news at Urban Islandz..stopped reading there.

  • rudebwoy

    There isnt one black man who is in the illuminati.. They are racist.. If you arent white and stinking rich then you are just a puppet.. This dude is confused, he clearly dosent know his role.. The Freemasons are a different story, anyone who is over 18 years can join ( dosent mean they will reach anywhere in life) kartel had talent so he was the perfect candidate

    • No gaza in portmore

      A monkey who talks sense your not right about freemasonry either Prince Hall freemasonry is not considered to a official freemason lodge because blacks are sub human mainly the ones in jamaica

  • paulette

    Its a and you are free to worship who u damn well please

    • No gaza in portmore

      Whatever you devil worshipping black slag your just a sub human inbreed monkey

      • pin pin

        who’s u styling blacks you whit trash lol

  • God son

    Yall stupid or wat. No man kyau sell dem blodkyatt soul. The most high alone can take a soul away when him ready Fi it. Yuh zee me?

  • Fyre Gaza

    If Kartel Ah Sell Him Soul Him Wouldn’t Be Inna Jail. Everyone Should Know Dat. If U Nah No Dat Den U Falla Fashion Monkey!! Kartel Ah Praise Jah And Jah Only.All Of Di Rumor Pon Di Man Nah RIGHT!! GAZA MI SEH STR8888888. ADDI MI DADDI

  • chrunchy tiger

    a lot of u are rite but still GOD did not man to be with another men and if some one wants to served the devil is dear problem each person would be responsible for their sins when they went to judgement day……and bigop GaZa no matter what….

  • illuminati elder

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  • Malawi Racum

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