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Vybz Kartel Murder Trial Voice Notes Leaked Online [VIDEO]


Vybz Kartel prison photo

The voice notes evidence was perhaps the most incriminating piece of data the prosecution used to convicted Vybz Kartel and put him behind bars for life.

The controversial voice notes were leaked and has surfaced on social media sites and on YouTube.

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Police say hey extracted over 24 voice notes from a Blackberry smartphone they seized from the dancehall star. Some of these voice notes were obtained by Nationwide News in Jamaica.

In several of the voice notes Vybz Kartel could be heard telling someone name Problem Child that he want back his two shoe, another name for guns, or else someone is going to die.

Listen to the voice notes in the below video.

Vybz Kartel, born name Adidja Palmer, is current serving a life sentencing in a Jamaican prison for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were also given life sentences for the murder. Campbell and Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years and Williams in 30 years.

  • free the boss

    You know wah funny you guys dont c how the system been trying to lockdown kartel. Look pon 2009 wen them lock him,then the 2 murder charge like they hellbent on gettin him gone 4 life. They got what they wanted, I dnt disagree kartel tie up into sum fukry, but the evidence didnt amount to such a lengthy conviction. They just wanted to silence a voice of truth, and prove certain points about the jamaican justice system. I think the U.S should have stepped in, and send a lawyer, or review the case, or at least an independent inquiry to prove the facts outlined in the case. Maybe in the future something like this can happen.

  • free the boss

    I just caan believe jamaica nah use a reasonable mind and c the fukry a develop. I think becaa JA so fukd up and we want to c change, we want to believe in the gov`t thts why ppl so quick to join against kartel. When he was hot every1 wit him now he fall, u c his true supporters, in any case it was no hard evidence to prove his hands had blood. And the police could of set up the firebombing at their gate, n at kartel house.Look how these guys are confident, even smiling, that they will b vindicated. Then u dntt must think they know they r righteous.

  • dainty

    Why people talking america should step in hes not the only one that is in prison for murder & your all killing yourselves over him why dont you talk about all the others thats in prison & america should step stop fooling yourselves about america stepping in they have their own murders to convict .had it being your family you would all be singing a different tune when people cause there own downfall they look for someone to blame

  • Rian Brown

    It sounds fake and just goes to show you that the jamaican police force are unable to do anything right how could they let that leak out with time we will see this case unfold

  • Burn gaza

    No a you a the biggest dunce society nt going to get better it’s only going to get worse becuz the systeam is getting worse everyday no talking abt killing everybody kill include dj like kartel police like Adams and Bigga ford the police kill a lot of innocent yute you have doctors judge ect who pay man to go and do there dirty works for them suh a rubbish you talking . Bullsh:t happen all over the world and it nt going to change until Jesus come lol

  • Burn gaza

    A lot of people do crimes and get away like the police dem (Adams) and kartel is really guilty j. It have nothing to do with his bleach out face and a praise the devil the boy guiltily

  • Andrae Haughton

    Right now all I can do is pray for Kartel, none of us has the right to judge…But don’t forget about the Great Buju Banton…we need to fight for him PEOPLE, wake up…

    Have you all READ this letter from the healer?

    .Mark Anthony Myrie (86700004) ( Buju Banton) To the family and friends of the late Chokwe Lumumba: My heart goes out to you all. I share in your grief immensely.

    Having been one of the many lives Atty Lumumba has touched, it’s with a deep sense of privation that I mourn the passing of my friend and another great black freedom fighter. Atty Chokwe Lumumba, a warrior just like the great leader Patrice Lumumba who fought for the liberation of the Congo in Africa.

    Atty Lumumba fought for many who could not stand up against a profaned system that is filled with injustice. A well-disciplined and principled man.

    We first met while I was going through the litigation process stemming from the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision to reinstate a gun charge. A charge that was previously dismissed by the district court judge.

    This tall, dignified black man walked into the visiting room at the FCI Miami, introduced himself and got right down to business. Atty Lumumba had already done his homework concerning my case and clearly saw that something was amiss. He never tried to sugar-coat his thoughts.

    Atty Lumumba believed it was imperative and made it very clear that I should do the same.

    Throughout those protracted months I spent at the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa, Florida, Atty Lumumba called at least twice weekly to discuss my case and ascertain all was well with me.

    He travelled all the way from Mississippi to Florida for attorney client visits. All these actions of genuine interest in my situation gave me confidence in Atty Lumumba. We developed mutual respect for each other.

    His appraisal of my chances as it regards justice were always realistic, hence his proactive approach as opposed to being reactive.

    This brought about a favourable outcome, with the gun charge being dismissed.

    At the end of the evidentiary hearings in 2013, Atty Lumumba looked me in the eyes and said: “What did you do to these people. This is not justice at all. From the gate, you have been screwed”.

    Atty Lumumba also advised me that having been elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, he was unable to continue his career as adefence attorney.

    However, he went on to recommend a few attorneys whom he believed would effectively assist me. Atty Lumumba also reached out to my current attorney, Professor Charles Ogletree.

    In parting, Atty Lumumba again said: “Mark, it’s going to be an uphill struggle. I saw what they did to you and, unfortunately, you didn’t see it coming. Once they have you, it’s hell to break free from their chains son. I wish you all the best. You can call me anytime for anything at all. However, I can render assistance, trust me I will”.

    We spoke several times after he was no longer my official representative, even through third parties, even as recent as two days before his passing. So I was not only shocked but also in a state of denial.

    Atty Lumumba was vigorous and energetic. Even when he spoke in a subtle manner. How could this happen without warning? This is really sad. I just have to pay my respects in whatever way I can.

    Thank you for the time you dedicated to my cause. It will be with me forever and the countless others whom you have touched with your passion for justice.

    I know you are in a much better place. If what they say is true, then you are still fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

    Farewell, my friend. You shall be greatly missed. Friends for life and even after.

    Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton

  • azareya

    I wouldna say this was some recording from my music. Why was getting his guns back so important?? and who recorded this?

  • FreeMind

    Vybz give up everything over 2 guns, he was willing to kill the 2 men and their mother over 2 guns. He value guns over people life thats the kind of mentality thats destroying many communities.

  • PrèttÿMe

    Why would they make 24 voicenotes specifically for Kartel tho, really??? He was first caught with weed an then when they seized his phones that’s when all of this came together.. No one can put video msg’s, text msg’s, and Bbm msg’s on his phone of August 16/17 2011 cause they arrested them in Novermber?!?!? Kartel thought that talkin on vn they couldn’t track it or tap it..sometimes when ppl kill they keep trophies of that killing..like the headless man in da same room as da video in Kartel house!! He Neva thought he would get caught that’s why.. They can pull up ur emails, texts msg’s, Bbm msg’s thru rim on bb that makes a copy of everything if u erase dem uzimi