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White House Removed Vybz Kartel Fans Petition


President Obama and Vybz Kartel

The Obama White House just poured cold water on a petition launched by Vybz Kartel fans.

A day after the shocking guilty verdict in Vybz Kartel’s high profile murder trial, fans of the deeja launched a petition on Whitehouse.org asking President Obama to intervene in what they called an unfair trial.

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But the White House has since removed the petition calling it a violation of their Terms of Participation.

The petition launched by ‘We the People’ called attention to aspects of trial they called unfair.

“Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel did not get the fair trial he deserved. Evidence has been tampered with in his case by the law enforcement of Jamaica. He was found guilty before his trial started. Everyone deserves a fair trial whether they reside in the US or not. United States needs to investigate the corruption in this case.”

The petition only received 480 of the 100,000 signatures needed for it to get the President’s attention.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones will be sentence on Thursday in the Home Circuit court after being found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The men are facing a life sentence for the murder.

Clive Williams’ body has yet to be found.

  • maka

    That kind of disgusting petition on an American Government website just proved to the rest of the world the level of illiteracy in Jamaica… Are you kidding me? These idiots want the US to come to the aide of some dirty dancehall artiste that they wouldn’t even grant a visa to ever enter into the US?

  • vybz

    everyone has a gay person in their fam,,even in jamaica, but they continue to hide because of what vybz say about them and what will happen to them…lock him away so people can live as they want….he would have gotton more support if he let people live and protest for all not just the few….so i hope he burn in hell and a fag is ruling over him…for all i know,,,some his boyz gay…pink cloths pants down…all signs of gay

  • vybz

    Long live Alkaline

  • TheRealSage

    Vybez Kartel fans are even madder than Justin Beiber’s little girl fans

  • real

    The whole thing is he is black and so many ppl follow him and worship him you think the white man like that no! The white man don’t want this so it’s time to take him down they say the man body has not been found neither remains so if he was here in the united states he would go free its only logic for all we know the boi could have ran off to another state country anything if he was here so that’s why they write the white house because these ppl have no physical evidence to hold him is this why they pushed back the sentencing date.

  • Lee Adrispata

    pliiiz free worl boss nd the haters we don need them …….if u feel lyk a bad man keep it to urself ..///.////bonty u r a sily ant boombocliat