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Tessanne Chin’s Biggest Moments On The Voice 2013

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Usian Bolt support Tessanne Chin on The Voice

Usain Bolt and Tessanne Chin The Voice

You just can’t deny the star power of Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprint legend was in the U.S. doing some promotion for his new book and for Nissan when he stopped by The Voice studio to show some support for Tessanne Chin. It did pay off because received the most votes for the first time after that night.

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  • Yardie

    I love her reaction when Carson said Tessanne Chin is the winner of The Voice 2013. Priceless.

    • Divagurl1

      True she was in total shock but her husband’s reaction too was fantastic! is a wonda him neva lose him voice how scream when wife win