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Kendrick Lamar Says Drake Has 11-Y-O Daughter In New Diss ‘Meet The Grahams’

Kendrick Lamar went nuclear on Drake with third diss song "Meet The Grahams"

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar might just set the record for the quickest response to a diss track in rap beef history. Within an hour after Drake released his diss song “Family Matters,” K.Dot delivered another song, “Meet The Grahams.”

Drake went low, but Kendrick Lamar went to hell, as some fans are saying in their reactions to the flurry of diss tracks this week. Not only did Mr. Morale go nuclear, but he also alleges that Drizzy fathered another secret child, an 11-year-old girl that he did not own. He also mentioned the Toronto rapper’s mother and father in the sex-and-a-half-minute-long song.

“Dear Sandra, your son got some habits, I hope you don’t undermine them/ Especially with all the girls that’s hurt inside this climate,” Lamar raps. “Dear Dennis, you gave birth to a master manipulator/ Even using you to prove who he is is a huge favor/ I think you should ask for more paper.”

Someone said this week that Kendrick Lamar recorded a 19-minute diss track for Drake, and it seems there could be some truth to the claim, as all of his songs are well over six minutes long.

“Dear Adonis, I’m sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest/ It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive/ I look at him and wish your grandpa woulda wore a condom/ I’m sorry that you gotta grow up and then stand behind him,” Kendrick raps.

“Dear baby girl, I’m sorry that your father not active inside your world/ He don’t commit to much but his music, yeah, that’s for sure,” Kendrick spits in another verse. “Should be teachin’ you time tables or watchin’ Frozen with you/ Or at your eleventh birthday, singin’ poems with you/ Instead, he be in Turks, payin’ for sex and poppin’ Percs/ Examples that you don’t deserve.”

Kendrick Lamar also enlarged the cover art he used for his song “6:16 In LA” which is a black Maybach leather gloves. The cover art for “Meet The Grahams” comprised of two pill bottles and two receipts and if you zoom in you will see Aubrey Graham written on one of the pill bottles, suggesting that the items belongs to Drake.

Drake has since responded to the claims he has an 11-year-old daughter that he isn’t owning. “Nahhhh hold on can someone find my hidden daughter pls and send her to me… these guys are in shambles,” he wrote.