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Rick Ross’ Baby Mother Tia Kemp Tells Drake To Call Her For Some Tea

Tia Kemp picks her side in Drake and Rick Ross beef

Rick Ross Tia Kemp
Rick Ross and Tia Kemp

Rick Ross’s baby mother, Tia Kemp, has much to say to Drake as she told the Canadian rapper to contact her for information about Rick Ross and their beef.

Kemp has previously hinted that Rick Ross was talking about Drake behind his back despite the “Rich Forever” artist’s most successful tracks being helped by Drake. The two have collaborated on more than two (2) dozen songs over the last 15 years.

Over the last week, Rick Ross joined forces with Metro Boomin and others to “pick a side” as they added their disses against Drake. In true “I’m the One” style, Drake hit back on Saturday with “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)”, a leaked diss track directed at Ross, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky and Future.


Ross also replied quickly with his “Champagne Moments” track, claiming that Drake had a nose job and had sent a cease-and-desist letter to French Montana.

Ross continued to troll Drake on Saturday night while performing at a nightclub. He was spotted wearing one of Drake’s hoodies from his merch drop for the It’s All A Blur Tour and seemingly shaded Drake’s “I’m on One” song. While allowing the song to be played, he cut it at the chorus and announced to the audience, “Let’s get some real n****as sh*t,” as his music came on.

On Sunday, Drake and his mother mocked Rick Ross’ career as suffering, and he had to be performing in “auditoriums”.

Tia Kemp also jumped in to tell Drake to link her since Ross was linking up with other rappers.

“Drake, call me boops. I got something to tell you! Drake told him to drop and give him 50. He can’t. I’m just playing, I don’t know what that big back b***h could do,” Kemp said, laughing on Instagram Live. She and Rick Ross have been beefing in recent months as she revealed that he had diabetes, and it was affecting certain personal aspects of his life. Tia has not let up on Ross, who she calls “big back” at every opportunity.

Kemp laughs like a villain as she tells Drake to call her. She also claims that Rick Ross no longer owns Wing Stop as he sold it all.

“Did he tell y’all that? B***ch won’t tell y’all the truth if you were playing truth or die with that big back b***h. Biggest liar y’all done seen thus far,” Tia said.

In the meantime, Rick Ross also responded to Drake’s posting a text showing him and his mother talking about the alleged nose job he had.

“I just realized BBL Drizzy called his mommy on me. Aww he shared their text messages between each other. Aww, cupcake Drake, tell your momma you stayed out past your curfew, white boy. You wanted to hang at the pub with the n**as, smoke weed with the n***as while we washed out old school Chevy’s. White boy, you got a Chevy? I doubt it. But anyway, big nose, boy, you had 25% body fat with a carved-out six-piece style. We know what time it is. Sh*t cost 40 bands. stop, but tell your old girl she a beautiful lady…but you tell your momma you stayed out at the park too late and you can’t call her when you get in this sh*t, this sh*t too deep to call yo momma.”