Rvssain Confronts Dancehall Artist Brysco Over Unauthorized Song

Dancehall artist Brysco and Rvssian clash over unauthorized song on the producer's "Go Go Club" Riddim

Rvssian / Rich Immigrant

Rvssian makes it clear he did not authorized dancehall artist Brysco to record on his beat.

Dancehall artiste Brysco is searching for his next hit, and he seems to think that recording on an older riddim will give him the breakthrough he’s looking for. On Friday, the “Ensure” singer released a song recorded on the legendary Go Go Club Riddim owned by Rvssian that featured artists like Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, and others in the early 2000s.

Brysco has been asking Rvssian to be on his Dutty Money Riddim, and he later released a sample on the riddim. Biggs Don also joined Brysco, writing, “Yo tell Rvssian fi send eh riddim now!”

The Jamaican producer said he did not sanction the track. “I did not authorize this or hear this before,” the artiste wrote on Instagram.


Brysco later released a second freestyle, and Rvssian called the first song “fkery”.

“This 1 better. So why u post d fkery one,” the award-winning producer asked him on his Instagram Live in the chat.

However, Brysco was defiant that he would be recording a song and releasing the “fkery” track despite Rvssian’s disapproval because, according to him, fans only love the gimmicks song.

“Why mi post the f***ery one Rvssian…before mi buss me deh a do some tune like ‘where I am from’ ‘Vengeance’ and ‘Cyber Crimes’ and then mi put me heart and soul and dem tune deh nuh go nowhere and as mi go inna one studio and say Back Road gal suck eh wid the ensure the whole ah unnu know me… By time me stay so bam and the f**kery song everybody ah ‘kiki’… as mi do a f**kery song it’s a hit already. We affi go work with Gimme Nicki as a hit song,” he said.

He continued, “Ah my game and ah me say what goes inna this and me ah drop this, yuh nuh affi authorize this feature mi a drop dis and when mi drop this make YouTube come take it down or make a bwoy come lick me inna mi face… mi love Rvssian still is a dawg weh mi look up to said way mi nah go round you,” he said.

Brysco also called on Rvssian to be supportive of the unity of dancehall. He also begged the producer to let him be on the track.

Rvssian has not responded to Brysco since. However, another relatively unknown artiste named Skippa Don chimed in on the Rvssian/Bysco exchange.

“Nuh bwoy nuh own dancehall. F**k that old a$$ beat,” he wrote on his Instagram. Like others, Rvssian responded, “nevers heard of this guy,” along with the shrug emoji.