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Nelly and Ashanti Pregnancy Ignite Fans After Sweet Onstage Moment

Nelly and Ashanti have seemingly confirm pregnancy while sharing a sweet moment onstage

Ashanti Nelly
Ashanti and Nelly

Nelly and Ashanti are living their fairytale as they seemingly hint that a baby might be on the way. Weeks ago, fans joked with the rapper about impregnating the R&B singer and ensuring that after ten years of them breaking up, he doesn’t lose her again.

While at Nelly’s 11th Black and White Ball over the weekend, there was a curious cheer where both Nelly and Ashanti seemingly hinted that they might be having a baby.

The host of the event and Nelly have a quiet exchange, and Ashanti is seen using both of her hands to cup her belly while the host repeatedly asks the crowd to repeat after him, “I wana hear y’all say ‘seal the deal.’”

Ashanti and Nelly

Nelly is also seen putting his hand on the same spot on Ashanti’s belly and bursting out laughing as the two exchange what seems like an inside joke. Ashanti is seen wearing a black dress with a sequin design on the stomach part. Both she and Nelly seemingly touch her stomach as if announcing they are having a baby.

In the crowd, a woman is heard expressing surprise- “What?” as she realizes that the couple might be sending a signal to their fans.

Nelly hinted weeks ago that he was trying to get Ashanti pregnant after a fan joked about it online. It seems that the pair might have already been working on it.

On X, many fans also reacted to the possible pregnancy announcement. “I Just Love Them Together & If She’s Pregnant Then I’m Praying for A Healthy Pregnancy,” one fan said. Another added, “Look like preggo belly in that dress. If so congrats to them.”

“I knew it from the previous pictures posted of this night, I really thought she was pregnant this confirms it,” another added. “Think she was checking the outfit and he thought it’d be funny to touch her belly too. Nothing to see here, folks,” another fan said.

Last year, Ashanti told her fans on Instagram Live that she want to have kids but at the time she revealed that she hadn’t found the partner to have kids with. In the months after making that announcement, she and Nelly rekindled their relationship and appears to be stronger than they were before.

“I’m trying to have kids next year. That’s what I’m trying to do,” she said. “I wanna have kids next year! Hopefully homie does the right thing! #fallingforyou.”

While Ashanti didn’t mentioned who she was referring to as “homie” fans surmised that she was talking about Nelly.

According to Us Weekly, sources confirmed that Nelly and Ashanti are in fact expecting their first child together.