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Chrisean Rock Says She Bought An Island, Sit Down With Cam Newton

Chrisean Rock got an interview with Cam Newton and says she bought an island

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock claims that she has bought an island, and she is naming it after herself after sitting down with Cam Newton for her next interview.

The “It’s A Vibe” artist has been under pressure after she allegedly assaulted Tamar Braxton’s backup singer last weekend and caused him injuries to his face and teeth. While escaping accountability, Rock told fans she is taking a break from social media and deactivating her accounts.

To the relief of fans, she deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts, but it seems that the break was just for two days as she popped up on Wednesday night claiming that she bought an island and will name it after herself.

“I got good news, y’all. I just bought a island. But it is not the Blue Rock Island no more, guess what it’s called? Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean?” she said, laughing.

The Zeus network artist has not yet been arrested, although LeTroy Davis, production manager for Tamar Braxton, said that a report was filed with the police, who will decide if charges will be laid against her.

Since Chrisean Rock and Blueface broke up, she has been making music, getting into fights on Baddies West, and hitting James Wright Chanel. She has not accepted responsibility but instead denied that she had hit James.

Chrisean Rock also shared a clip of herself and Cam Newton while hinting that she has an interview coming out with the former Quarterback. Last month, Rock shared that Blueface got mad at Cam Newton for showing interest in her. So perhaps this is a move on both their parts to take a dig at the “Thotiana” rapper.

In the meantime, Rock’s fans reacted to her news of buying an island as many questioned the veracity of her claim.

“Your credit not good enough to buy a house but it’s good enough to buy a island. Do people think before they lie? And don’t come for me, she said it,” one fan wrote in the comments on Instagram. “Now here’s the 2nd step…take a charter plane, board it…and never return,” another said. “They still gonna extradite you, beloved, stay dangerous,” another fan said.