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Chrisean Rock Shares She Has Been Sober Since Blueface Breakup

Chrisean Rock says she has been sober since her breakup with Blueface. "I was drunk my whole time with him"

Chrisean Blueface
Chrisean Rock and Blueface

Chrisean Rock says that she was always drunk around Blueface because the “Thotianna” rapper was toxic, and she was forced to deal with him in a constant state of drunkenness.

Rock was reacting to the latest episode of her Zeus reality show Crazy in Love, which she co-stars with Blueface. In the latest episode, Rock appears emotional and distraught as she copes with her pregnancy. In one clip, she is seen crying in a pool as she speaks about the relationship.

On Thursday, she seemed to explain her behavior during the relationship and said her changing for the better drove a wedge between her and Blueface.

“I was drunk my whole time with him n it wasn’t because I love to drink it was something I needed so I’m straight around dat energy. Then wen all of a sudden I couldn’t drink no more I honestly couldn’t be around no more I couldn’t be around somebody like tht for to long sheesh,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Blueface also seemed to react to Rock’s post. “Life is so much better now my b**ch listen fr.”

Rock also replied to him on Twitter, stating that she feels good to be putting her own money in her own bank account.

“What’s more my speed is putting my own money in my own bank account instead of a ungrateful b**ch n***a account telling me everyday I don’t have money wen I make money. I stopped listening to a manipulator and stopped making excuses for him n started choosing Chrisean.”

Chrisean Rock tweets
via Chrisean Rock Twitter

Rock previously revealed that her cheques from Baddies West and Zeus for Crazy In Love were going to Blueface and that he was also her booking agent for events where she performed.

She added in another tweet, “When u tweet about me let’s go head up stop including mothaf**kas for clout. I’m talking to Johnathan Porter.”

Blueface and Rock broke up weeks ago as her pregnancy progressed. She confirmed that the DNA test revealed that he was the father of her child.

In the meantime, Blueface has been busy with his first baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, who he is now pushing as an artiste in the studio. Fans do not seem to think she is talented after her first performance at a Druski event.