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Chrisean Rock Punched James Wright In His Nose At Tamar Braxton Show

Chrisean Rock says she was provoked before allegedly punching James Wright backstage Tamar Braxton show sending him to the hospital

Chrisean Tamar
Chrisean Rock, Tamar Braxton

A member of staff from Tamar Braxton’s team says that he will be pressing criminal charges against Chrisean Rock after she reportedly punched him in the face because she didn’t get to perform at Tamar’s show.

Chrisean Rock and Tamar Braxton linked up on Friday at her show in Baltimore and the “All The Way Home” artiste who called her on stage where she referred to her as her “baby baby baby.”

However, Rock, who appeared high and drunk, was cursing on the stage and appeared to think she was to perform as she asked for production to “light this b**tch up”. Tamar’s R&B crowd also seemed a bit confused. However, despite efforts by Tamar to hint that her show was about to begin, Rock didn’t get the cue, even as Braxton’s backup singers came out when Tamar called for them.

“I’m a part of the choir,” Rock was heard asking as she tried to play it off.

However, Tamar’s best friend, LeTroy Davis, said Chrisean assaulted James Wright Chanel, one of the backup singers.

“Y’all need to stop rewarding bad behavior and bad people. I am so disgusted Chrisean came to my show and ASSAULTED James. She hit James in his mouth. She is disgusting. She deserves the way everybody treats her. She is trash,” he wrote on Instagram Stories.

“That ghetto hip hop trash a$$ girl should have never been there. She is the bottom of the barrel,” he said, adding in another story, “I’m so sorry for anyone who had to witness that TRASH tonight. She ruined an amazing night and imma make sure she goes to JAIL.”

According to Davis in another video, Chrisean Rock is a “disgusting gutter butt” who shouldn’t have been in the show. She claimed that she showed up with a
“1000” people and was “drunk and smelling like weed.”

“She wanted to drop a beat and she was mad she didn’t get to perform but I didn’t know she was a singer…first of all, she was up there a drunk fool, she crying she was upset that she didn’t get to perform,” he said.

Davis adds, “She goes backstage, and she is upset because she didn’t get to perform her ringtone so she storms into Tamar’s dressing room with 1000 people and everybody is like ‘nobody knew you was to perform a song, we didn’t even know you make music we thought you was just on Zeus’. Everybody is in there trying to calm her down but she is in here “rah-rah” like a dungeon dragon so James is like nobody tried to shade you or nothing we didn’t know you was supposed to perform and she is like ‘lie again’….She hit James right in the face, and chipped James’ tooth, James’ face is bloody, James is in the hospital.”

“She’s going to prison, and I promise you, you don’t come to nobody’s show, everybody has worked their mffing a$$ to make this tour amazing,” he said before Chrisean that he was coming for “every coin that she has. ”

Chrisean Rock, who is currently on probation for drug offenses, has not responded to Davis. She did post a cryptic tweet and deleted writing, “I don’t get disrespectful till you get disrespectful.”

In the meantime, fans disputed that Tamar Braxton actually invited Chrisean to attend her event and perform while they were on Instagram Live earlier in the day. However, it is still unusual that she did not have her DJ on her to prepare her set.