Tory Lanez Loses Another Bid For Bail, Attorney Says Thee Stallion Story Had Holes

Tory Lanez was again denied request for bail but his attorney vows to continue fighting

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez has lost his latest bid at freedom as his bail pending hearing of his appeal matter was denied on Monday.

According to reporter Meghann Cunniff, the California Court of Appeal ruled on Friday that Lanez will remain behind bars. Lanez applied for bond, claiming that he was unjustifiably denied bond by the Superior Court.

However, the judgment said that the defendant must show he first sought relief in the superior court, and the superior court unjustifiably denied the application, which would mean that he had to provide evidence of such unjustified denial.

The written judgment said Lanez failed to prove that the superior court unjustifiably denied him relief and failed to provide the reporter’s transcript of the superior court hearing and the trial court’s reasoning for his earlier bond denial. The court also noted that his previous denial was because he was convicted of a violent felony that caused great bodily injury.

Tory Lanez appealing 10-Year Prison Sentence

The other grounds considered by the court were whether he was unlikely to flee, did not pose a danger to the community or any person, and the appeal filed is not to delay the serving of his sentence, and the mention of Assembly Bill 1310 not yet signed into law which could impact his sentence if passed.

“Appellant has not shown that the trial court unjustifiably denied relief or otherwise shown by clear and convincing evidence entitlement to relief,” the court said.

In the meantime, Lanez’s lead counsel for the appeal appeared on The Word with Jackie Rae and claimed that the “full story” didn’t come out during Tory’s trial. Crystal Morgan and Michael Hayden from Unite the People are representing Lanez in his appeal.

“I think just the fact of there is a lot of shroud and mystery around this, the full story didn’t come out, I think a lot of people want to hear it. If I was able to say it I would share it with the world but ethically I cannot share it,” Morgan said.

She also claimed that persons accused of crimes were treated as guilty until proven rather than innocent until proven guilty.

Tory Lanez has not reacted yet to the development in his case.