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Chrisean Rock Shares She and Blueface Hooked Up After His Engagement

Chrisean Rock claims that she and Blueface are still seeing each other despite his engagement to Jaidyn Alexis and that they are locked in forever

Blueface Chrisean
Blueface and Chrisean Rock / Zeus Network

Chrisean Rock is doing everything she can to get to Blueface and his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, and it seems that she has resigned herself to the recent engagement news, but she won’t be releasing Blueface anytime soon.

That’s if Blueface will continue to deal with her, as the rapper has made a concerted effort to ignore Rock weeks after their son was born. Blueface proposed to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two oldest children, Jaidyn Alexis, last week, and it seems that the news is affecting Rock.

In a new video, Rock reveals that she would be content to keep being Blueface’s side chick, and she wants to have toxic sex with him. Her latest remarks come just weeks after she trolled Blueface using Lil Mabu in her song “Mr. Take Ya B*tch.”

“We could pretend but I ain’t finna pretend. I’m finna give it to you straight, you hear me? I think me and Blue, we want to leave each other alone, we really do, it just never will happen,” Rock said.

She continued, “I can’t give him what he wants he can’t give me what I want so we just have that toxic a$$ sex. N***a I ain’t never leaving him. I’m just like aight yow, I just got my own sh*t. f**k that real sh*t,” Rock said, laughing.

This is not the first time Rock has acted obsessed over Blueface, as she previously broke into his house and wrote his name in her blood in his house two years ago. However, the two continued in an on-and-off again relationship as Blueface tethered back and forth between her and Jaidyn.

Chrisean Rock added that she and Blueface hooked up as recently as yesterday and responded to criticisms that she is doing it for clout.

“He still going to pull up like he did yesterday,” she said. “We really like locked in forever. He’s doing what he’s doing right now out of pain. We got over our differences for real. He’s still nutting in me. If I’m being 100. I’m not doing anything for clout.”

Her fans also shared their disappointment at Rock’s latest remarks.

“She’s only doing this because of the engagement. Smh I’ve been here before…trying to prove you still hold a spot, you just look foolish in the end,” one fan said. “She’s dying for his attention this is sad,” another said.

Chrisean Rock sued by former hairdresser

In the meantime, Chrisean and Zeus Network, which hosts Baddies West that she stars in, have been sued by a former hairdresser on the show.

The woman, Irby Lashala, is suing both Rock and Zeus for seeking unspecified damages after Rock was seen on camera punching her in the face at a Baddies show premiere earlier this year.

A video of the incident shows Rock punching her before a bodyguard steps in to block her from retaliating.

The woman claimed that she was harmed physically and psychologically and had to seek medical attention for injuries suffered.

Rock has not commented on the lawsuit.