Vybz Kartel’s Lawyer Isat Buchanan Resigns Post After ‘Crude’ DPP Comment

Isat Buchanan, the attorney currently representing dancehall star Vybz Kartel, resigns his post as PNP Human Rights Chairman after criticism over comments about the DPP

Isat Vybz Kartel
Isat Buchanan and Vybz Kartel

Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel’s lawyer, Isat Buchanan, has added his voice to the ongoing controversy involving the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

There is major fallout between Jamaicans and the political electorate over a decision to amend the Jamaican Constitution to extend the term limit for the retirement of the DPP and that of the Auditor General. The holders of those officers, Paula Llewellyn (DPP) and Pamela Monroe Ellis, are required to demit office at age 60. However, the country’s Pensions Act states the date of retirement as 65.

The country’s Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, last week made the argument that the constitution has to be amended to have some consistency across the board. However, a wide cross-section of society which includes attorneys and the opposition, and even prosecutors within the DPP, is against the decision as they call it a “slippery slope” to have the government tinker with the constitution whenever it feels like it.

Among those who appear to disagree with the decision of the government is Vybz Kartel’s lawyer Isat Buchanan who is also the chairman of the human rights committee of the Opposition People’s National Party.

In an interview on Sunday night with former political activist turned social media commentator Andre Stephens, Buchanan, who has his own grouses with the DPP, referred to a verse by Kartel as he addressed Llewellyn.

“I don’t know how his name end up in letter, let me start with the quote. The song is called ‘Menace to Society’ It is a poetic rendition that has Shakespearian marvel. And in the second verse, he says, ‘Speaking of co*ky, yow Paula go suck a d**k. that is your verse from Vybz Kartel and I am sure he is saying that right now,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan was referring to a letter by a prosecutor Kathy Pyke who disagreed with the DPP’s term being extended where he mentioned the artiste’s case coming up at the Privy Council, and the DPP has not put any local prosecutors on the case.

“I am only quoting the song. Do not shoot the messenger. I know government like Matthew Samuda who like to trace use a tool called ad hominem when the truth comes out they attack the person,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan also had some colorful language where he referred to the Justice Minister as a “constitutional pedophile.”

“The Charter of Rights is only 12 years old and when he takes up the Constitution and finger f***ks it and put it before parliament and try to rush it and then come out after deceiving the entire nation with one Gleaner article to say ‘I make a mistake while I was making my submissions about what I said about the DPP,” Buchanan said.

The attorney also shared his support for Pyke and called out Samuda for trying to “mar” the character of the opposing prosecutor (Pyke), who stood up against the decision to extend the DPP’s term.

In the meantime, Buchanan suffered much criticism following calls for him to be sanctioned by the General Legal Council for the remarks as well as his resignation from the PNP’s human rights committee, where he serves as chairman.

A press release later announced his resignation.

As for Buchanan, he appeared unbothered as he shared a post on his Instagram account.

“Advocacy is not for those who fear the powers that Be #standup #rights #justice,” he posted on Instagram along with a snippet of Burna Boy and Byron Messia’s “Talibans” remix.

Buchanan is not a fan of the DPP as she previously reported him for sanctions to the GLC over remarks he made in court about the failures of the DPP in delaying provide evidence it held for his client to have viewed by a second expert as he prepared for his Privy Council appeal.