Vybz Kartel’s Lead Attorney Isat Buchanan Ready to face DPP Over Comments

Isat Vybz Kartel
Isat Buchanan and Vybz Kartel

Isat Buchanan, Vybz Kartel’s attorney, has declared his readiness to face Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn after he claimed that he was being denied access to important phone records in the Kartel murder case.

Last week the DPP threatened to report Buchanan to the General Legal Council (GLC) based on his allegations. Buchanan has accused the DPP of acting shady with regards to his request to re-examine a phone which was used as evidence in the murder trial. He’s hoping to use it to prepare for their appeal before the United Kingdom-based Privy Council. Eh said it was a constitutional human right infringement.

Buchanan expressed his view on the matter while speaking on Power 106 FM’s ‘Morning Agenda’ over the weekend. While Buchanan said he knew that he made a controversial statement, he explained it was because of his frustration with the DPP’s slowness. He added that he’s ready to defend himself at the GLC.

Buchanan also revealed that part of his frustration came from the fact that the deadline for the application to be made to the Privy Council for the evidence to be re-examined had passed on November 20. He will now have to file for a new deadline.

Llewellyn, who appeared on the same programme, explained that it was a special case and this may be causing delays. “When you have something unusual, you have to make sure that you are on the best possible grounds before you make a commitment. Because if we make a commitment – a Queen’s Counsel to Queen’s Counsel – it means that when the matter goes to the registrar of the court, we have to stand by that commitment,” the DPP said on the same programme yesterday. She also said that she and “all my prosecutors” were still upset about how things were handled.