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A$AP Rocky Appears To Diss Travis Scott At Rolling Loud Using Rihanna

A$AP Rocky unleashed on his usual target Travis Scott during his Rolling Loud performance while bragging about Rihanna

RZA ASAP Rocky Rihanna
RZA, ASAP Rocky and Rihanna / @asaprocky IG

A$AP Rocky appears displeased that he had to share the Rolling Loud Miami stage with Travis Scott and seemingly dissed the Utopia rapper over the weekend.

Both rappers were named as headliners at the event, but Rocky seems to be harboring feelings against the Astroworld artist who dated his rumored wife and mother of his children, Rihanna, almost ten years ago.

While on stage on Sunday, Rocky promised fans a taste of his upcoming album, Don’t Be Dumb, and fans think that one verse from his teaser may have been directed to Rihanna’s ex Travis.

“First you stole my flow then I stole your b**ch, then you stole my style, I need my 10% all the disrespect, I hope you take offense,” he rapped.

Fans have been speculating that Rocky could be talking about Drake, and others are convinced it is Travis since he previously claimed that Travis bit his style and that he previously dated Rihanna.

Rihanna and Travis Scott popped up at Fashion Week in 2015, which set off rumors that they were dating. While neither confirmed the reports, some sources claim that they discreetly dated for about a year before parting ways.

Rocky has been trying to ignore a fire that wouldn’t catch after claiming earlier last year that Travis stole his style. While on Drink Champs last year, he agreed with N.O.R.E that his style was stolen by Travis. Years before, he had brushed off the claim, though.

“You’re hearing it from me, let shorty rock and let the people decide if he a biter or if he’s authentic. I’m not saying everybody should be allowed to just take [from] whoever got going on. I’m not implying that. I feel like that whole situation sound petty,” he said on a Hot 97 interview.

Travis has not responded to A$AP Rocky. After dating Rihanna, Travis moved on with Kylie Jenner, and the two share two children.

As for Rihanna, she is pregnant with her second child for Rihanna.

Both artists are also getting ready to release new albums, with Rocky releasing his first album, Don’t Be Dumb in five years, while Scott is releasing ‘Utopia’ this week.

A$AP Rocky previously discussed his feud with Travis Scott in a Drink Champs interview where he accused Scott of biting his style of rap and jacking his fashion.

“I saw similarities for sure, you know, I saw that he was inspired and sh*t like that, but that’s what we in it for,” Rocky continued. “That’s good sportsmanship. I put it to you like this: If n****s wasn’t biting off… Imitation [is the] best form of flattery. If people wasn’t trying to imitate you, you’re doing something wrong.”