Alkaline and Family Bid Farewell To His Late Father Earl Bartley

Alkaline attends his late father, Earl Bartley, funeral service in Jamaica


Dancehall artist Alkaline paid his final respects to his father, Earl Ninrod Bartley, who died last month after a brief period of illness. He was 59 years old.

The artist has not publicly addressed the loss of his dad, but he was somber at the funeral, which he attended with his siblings and other members of his family. Photos of the artiste showed him wearing a black shirt and pants and a pin of his father’s face on his shirt. The artist stands by the white casket which held his father after placing a rose on the casket and touching a photo of his dad’s face.

The funeral service was held at the Church of God of Prophecy in Stony Hill, St Andrew, on Friday morning. Videos showed Alkaline arriving with his mother and sisters, who all carried flowers.

According to reports, the elder Bartley, who was known as “Rooster,” “died on June 12, after falling ill suddenly. His death sent shockwaves among his family and friends in the Upper St. Andrew community where he resided as they expected that he would have made a full recovery.

Bartley was regaled with praise by his children and friends and relatives who commended his dedication as a father.

Alkaline at his father’s funeral, July 21, 2023

A hearse carrying the elder Bartley’s casket was fitted with a speaker and blasted Jah Vinci’s “Gone Away” as it drove through the streets following the funeral.

The artiste was seen leaving in his black Mercedes Benz leaving the funeral.

In the meantime, Alkaline was supported by a few members of the dancehall community, but very few artists were seen out in support of the artist as is usual within the community.

Online, his fans shared condolences to him and his family on their loss.

“Jah jah, Mr. Fowl dead right after him birthday star… This must sad, R.I.P genna, u raised a talented ute,” one fan commented online.

“I did not know his dad died condolences and prayers to you and your family may his soul rest peacefully,” another said.

“My condolences to the family. Never heard about it until now or it was really lowkey. Alkaline really a lowkey guy.”