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Keyshia Cole’s Baby Daddy Niko Khale Hospitalized After Being Stabbed

Niko Khale reveals his lung had collapsed after being stabbed in the chest

Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale

Singer Keyshia Cole’s baby father, Niko Khale, is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed about the body and suffered a damaged lung.

Khale shares Tobias with R&B singer Keyshia Cole. On Saturday, he revealed that he had been stabbed in the chest and arm and is recovering in the hospital. “Got stabbed in my chest and my arm. My lung was punctured and collapsed. My diaphragm was also ruptured,” he captioned a photo of himself in the hospital bed.

He added, “They had to cut my stomach open and put a tube in my chest so I could breathe. By the grace of God today I’m back on my feet and I am breathing on my own.”

Khale has not revealed what happened to him, but in another post, he wrote, “Lucky to be alive. God got us.” In that post, he posed with his young son, who is Cole’s last child.

The details of his injury were not revealed, but followers of Khale have somehow concluded that Khale was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend, Suko. Many online questioned her absence in his life during such a tragedy, while others thought that her wiping her account of images of Khale is a sign that she was involved with his stabbing.

In meantime, Niko Khale has been getting an outpouring of support from his followers after revealing the unfortunate incident.

“Idk why shawty stabbed you, but I hope you self reflect and move different or choose different so you don’t run into that again. it’s all about growth,” one of his fans wrote.

“Old girl not there … I take it that there’s a warrant out for her arrest,” another said.

Another said, “they just had moved in together.”

“Nikko removed all the pics with the girlfriend one would hope she’s not responsible for this. She is as extremely clingy if we’re being honest and I HOPE she didn’t Snapp SERIOUSLY,” another one said.

Khale also shared a photo of him in a wheelchair with what appears to be family members and health workers surrounding him.

He has not confirmed or denied whether his girlfriend stabbed him.