Beenie Man “Pinky Mek Mi Deh Wid Carlene”

Beenie Man went live with Pinky to appeal to fans for help with her battle with stage 4 breast cancer

Beenie Man Carlene Smith
Beenie Man, Carlene Smith

Beenie Man went on Instagram Live with Dancehall Queen Carlene’s sister, Pinky, who is battling cancer, where he shared some stories from their childhood.

The dancehall legend is using his star power to help raise US$50,000 for Pinky’s medical treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. The deejay shared a video earlier this week appealing to his fans to help save her life. Last night, Beenie again went on his Instagram Live with Pinky to bring more awareness to the cause.

Beenie Man, who is a former child star, says he and Pinky knew each other since they were kids, and as they grew, they became more entrenched in dancehall culture. Pinky and her sister Carlene Smith became dancers, while Beenie would go on to become one of the biggest artists in the history of dancehall. The artist and Carlene have since launched a funding campaign through Real Helping Hands to help raise the $50,000 needed for Pinky’s treatment.

“I don’t care who you know Pinky as or was, but this is Pinky,” a visibly emotional Beenie Man said. “This can be any of us. Pinky never born with cancer. We can save her. Please, help me save Pinky.”

The Doc lamented that her doctors say they can save her life if they raise funds needed for her treatment, but appeal to his fans that time is running out to save her. Beenie also credited Pinky for his past relationship with Carlene, which produced their daughter Crystal Davis.

“Pinky mek mi know Carlene,” Beenie said. “Pinky mek mi deh wid Carlene. Pinky mek mi have Crystal. Pinky.”

Aside from being a popular dancer, Pinky was also a video girl, appearing in several music videos in the 1990s, including videos like Chaka Demus and Pliers’ “Murder She Wrote” and several of Beenie Man’s videos, including “Old Dog” and “Modeling.”

Beenie Man also responded to some of his fans asking why he doesn’t use his own money to fund her cancer treatment. The deejay said on his Live that he already did his part while urging others to chip in and donate money towards the cause.

A lot of fans pledged their support, saying they would donate towards the fund, while some fans who knew her from the 1990s expressed their shock at seeing Pinky.

“Oh my God, Pinky big dance hall queen from back in day pretty like money, we are talking about the 90s. Maxsim, Trends Hackney days, if you know you know. Beautiful being can not believe she is going thru this. GOD have mercy,” one fan wrote.

“Beenie man def either drunk or frass! But that’s not here nor there she needs help my brother in Jamaica battling stage 4 cancer right now! So I know how expensive treatment can be, I’m willing to help no matter how small I’m also praying for her recovery,” another fan wrote.

Bounty Killer, D’Angel, Richie Stephens, Sizzla Kalonji, Sharon Burke, and Government Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange are among several members of the Jamaican entertainment industry who donated to help Pinky.

Beenie Man and Carlene was perhaps the most famous dancehall relationship in the 1990s. The dancehall star was one of the most dominant artists in the 90s golden era, while Carlene became the first Dancehall Queen.