Beenie Man Helping Raise US$50K For DHQ Carlene’s Sister Pinky Cancer Fight

Beenie Man asking the public for help with Dancehall Queen Carlene's sister Pinky's cancer fight

Beenie Man is appealing for help from the public to assist the sister of Dancehall Queen Carlene, Pinky, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

On Wednesday, the artist shared that his Beenie Man charitable foundation has launched a new initiative called the ‘Pinky Initiative’ to help raise funds for Pinky following her long battle with cancer.

Beenie Man explained that the initiative is named after the woman, Pinky, one of the first dancehall queens and a pioneer of dancehall culture from the 90s. She needs U$50,000 for her cancer treatment, the artist revealed.

“Now Pinky is one of the first dancehall woman. One of- cause it’s Carlene Sister because she is the first dancehall queen. She have cancer and we need to save her, we can save her but we need U$50,000 so all of my fans and producers if you have a $1 or $5 just send it,” he said.

The artist said he would be doing a live video later on Wednesday to share more information and the account information for people to use to send money via PayPal or other money transfer services.

“We really really really need to save her and Doctor says we can save her,” Beenie Man says.

Carlene and Pinky Smith were well known as a dancing duo that rocked stages across the island. The women helped to pioneer the fashion and look that are now considered iconic from the 90s. The women helped to push dancehall moves abroad with the famous Butterfly dance that took off and saw the music starting to go mainstream in the United States, Japan, and elsewhere.

In an interview on Big Stone Television last month, Carlene revealed that in 2020 doctors found a small lump after Pinky had a mammogram done. She was treated and received radiation treatment. However, in early 2022, Carlene says that doctors found that her sister now had stage two (2) breast cancer.

“It was just a little lump and they said they had it under control and low and behold two years later it’s now stage two so they had to give her chemotherapy…after she was through with doing the chemo, they went back and did they test said it bad news, worse news now, it’s now all over her and it’s stage four,” she said.

Carlene says her sister dropped down to less than 100 pounds, and she was puzzled as to why she became sick since she was healthy, ate well, and exercised regularly.