Shenseea Warns London On Da Track Baby Mother In ‘Locked Up’ Freestyle

Shenseea sends a clear warning to London On Da Track baby mother in a fire new freestyle over Akon's "Locked Up" beat

Shenseea / YouTube

Shenseea makes it clear she’s not playing with her son and stamping her authority with a new freestyle over Akon’s classic “Locked Up.” Reggae/dancehall legend Sizzla Kalonji also recorded a song on the beat called “Nah Apologize.”

In a video posted on Wednesday, the ‘Alpha’ artist made it clear she was going to take it to great lengths to protect her child, and she’s not about to apologize either. The freestyle addresses a series of topics, including her speaking about relationships and only being with men who claim her, reflecting on her past struggle growing up in rural Jamaica but now driving a Lamborghini and owning up to her actions. Shenseea also namedropped dancehall legend Shaggy in the fire freestyle with her DJ Blackboy providing some ad-libs.

“If mi do it mi nah go say it wasn’t me like ah Shaggy,” the Jamaican artist spits.

She also seemingly addressed for the first time the drama that took place last year with London On Da Track’s second baby mother, Eboni Ivorii, who claimed that the artist’s 7-year-old son, Rajeiro Lee, had been inappropriate with her four-year-old daughter, Paris.

London On Da Track Shenseea
London On Da Track, Shenseea

Details about the incident are still unclear, but in a video Eboni shared questioning the child, Paris, who seemed to say that Raj told her she had a vagina and that he had a penis. It’s unclear if he had touched her, and Eboni refused to give details, only blasting Shenseea for keeping her son away from her daughter. Many felt that she was finding ways to attack Shenseea because she was dating her baby father in the same way she also attacked and tormented Summer Walker daily.

Shenseea continually ignored Eboni and eventually sent her a cease and desist letter, which has silenced her so far.

While she hasn’t denied or admitted anything that Eboni says, Shenseea says she’s ready to take steps to protect her son no matter the consequences. “Sorry I am just a mom, tell the baby mother mi will go to jail for mi son,” she spits.

The artist received props for her song from Cardi B, Ding Dong, Busta Rhymes and many others. “Fireeeeeeeeeeeee,” Cardi B wrote in the comments section, which led to fans begging for a collaboration.

“We need a big bardi and @shenseea TRACK,” one fan wrote. “Bup inna head,” Ding Dong wrote with fire emojis.

Shenseea recently revealed plans for a new album, and it seems that she’s in a fiery production mode.