Valiant Producer Responds To Kabaka Pyramid Condemning ‘Rasta’ Song

Valiant gets support from his producer Countree Hype and Konshens after Kabaka Pyramid called him out over his new song "Rasta"

Kabaka Pyramid Valiant
Kabaka Pyramid, Valiant

Kabaka Pyramid is not a fan of Valiant’s new song, “Rasta.”

The Grammy-winning reggae singer has never been shy about expressing his feelings in his music or on social media. Over the weekend, Kabaka Pyramid shared his thoughts on Valiant’s new song “Rasta,” which the young dancehall star released a music video for with an actual Rastafarian singing some of the lyrics. “Man a live like Rasta, no beef no passa,” the artist sings.

Kabaka Pyramid says the song is taking Rastafarianism for a joke. “When we seh we wah inspire di next generation, dis is NOT what we meant,” the singer tweeted. “Rasta a joke ting a Jamaica now apparently. Aright.”

It didn’t take long for the song’s producer, Countree Hype, to respond to Pyramid’s tweet triggering other reactions from fans.

“Its Simple Grammy Kid No Beef no Passa is making references to Some Rasta Who Believe in peace and unity But The Other Parts Of The Song Is Clearly not for Rasta,” Countree Hype tweeted. “Look how many things me see Rasta a do ? And Unuh nah talk on that ,we respect you G but this never have to post maybe a you PR post it still anyway blessing No Beef! No Passa!”

Kabaka Pyramid also responds to another tweet from Preki, who stated that “Valiant get the rasta artiste dem cross which is expected.” The tweet also seemingly suggests that the new crop of Rastafarian artists are soft or not as hardcore as the older generation, like Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, or even Bob Marley. Kabaka was not in agreement with the tweet and swiftly pushed back.

“U a real disappointment bredda,” the singer clap back. “U a dash roun words like “militancy” an “commercial” wid no sense of reality. I muss bun out everything i see publicly an then do have no career to feed my people dem. What militant mean? Me fi a shoot ppl an not do music videos or win Grammys?”

ZJ Sparks shared screenshots of the comments on her Instagram, which triggered a heated debate among fans. Konshens also dropped a comment weighing in on the post.

Konshens responds to Kabaka Pyramid calling out Valiant

“Naah, respectfully I dont think being a Jamaican means u have a responsibility to preserve rasta integrity, especially if u nuh believe inna rasta faith,” Konshens wrote. “Actual rastas been doing alot more to [poop emoji] pan rasta culture than any gimmick valiant can pull. Mi nuh like dah loud up yah fi di singer.”

Interestingly, Kabaka Pyramid also commented on the post.

“When a man wid actual talent haffi sing bout Dunce an Sciance fi get anybody attention, dat tell u more bout SOCIETY dan di artist himself,” Kabaka wrote. “Unnu need fi check unnu mental health. Di DJ dem weh get him conscious song dem, unnu play dem? Me neva hear bout him, why is that?? A my fault mi neva hear bout him? Look how much conscious artist a try a ting an nah get heard. An di one artist weh stay conscious right tru an neva run down commercial song unnu a diss ya now. Mi love unnu same way. An me a gwaan shell dem show ya pon tour.”

Some fans also called him out for what they call alignment with Koffee, who recently received criticism for her collaboration with Sam Smith.