Shenseea Puts Her Team On Notice In Fiery Message Ahead Of Sophomore Album


Shenseea fired off a message to her team putting everyone on notice that she means business this year.

Shenseea had a lot on her chest on Sunday as she released several posts on social media aimed at unidentified members of her team whom she called out for not doing their job and for messing up the release of the physical copies of her debut album.

On Sunday, Shenseea answered several questions from fans, but one particular question and answer saw the dancehall artist who is crossing over into mainstream Hip-Hop music, revealing that her album release did not go according to plan as her team failed to execute some of her requests.

The artist was asked by a fan on Twitter using the hashtag #AskShenseea where are her physical copies of the album and she told him that her “team” failed to release CD/Vinyl copies as she had wanted.

Shenseea did not name anyone in her responses, and the tweet has since been deleted, but that’s not the only time that she appeared to take a swipe at her team, which includes Interscope Records and Rvssian‘s Rich Immigrants to which she is signed and her managers Romeich Major and Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby’s Salxco along with A&R Donny “Dizzy Clean Face” Flores.

In another tweet, she also shared that a music video for her song “Deserve It” could not be released because “Directors f**ed it up so I decided not to put it out. It was so bad,” she responded to a fan asking about the music video.

In another post on Instagram, the singer shared a cryptic post that left many fans questioning if it was directed at people on her team.

“I’m not friends with nobody this year. Do your f***ing job or get replaced,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story.


Shenseea has not outrightly addressed any specific issues with her team. She did update fans on her Q&A about her present work.

When asked about new music, the artist revealed that she is “gearing up to get a music video done,” for an upcoming release.

She also updated a fan on her mental and physical health, writing, “mentally, I’m better than last year. Physically I need to do better lmao.”

‘Alpha’ debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Reggae chart despite her best effort at making it a hip-hop project. The album sold 845 pure sales and less than 5,000 copies in its first week and an overall 63,000 copies at the end of 2022.

Shenseea had previously spoken about her disappointment in her album rollout, which she disclosed to fans was not what she had wanted and that she wasn’t included in the process.

“My next piece of work is going to be everything that I want,” she said. “Like, the first album, my vision wasn’t really executed properly, and that was a turnoff for me. Like, yo, I know what the f*** I want. And when I don’t get what I want, it turns me the f*** off.”