Popcaan’s Petition For His US Visa Reaches Over 500 Signatures

Popcaan / Instagram

Dancehall artist Popcaan revealed on Thursday that he has never traveled to the United States, and he does not have a visa that allows entry to that country.

In a tweet, the “Relevant” artist shared that he wants to start a campaign for his first visit to the United States. Popcaan is an ardent traveler and has been to Canada, Europe, and even Africa multiple times in past years. However, he says he has never traveled to the United States despite being regarded as an international artist.

“Why they let me into everywhere except America?? something not right!!!” Popcaan said in a tweet. “Well i would like to see what America look like. Let’s start the 1st time in America campaign today!!! #GIHE Go!”

The campaign has since garnered over 500 signatures with fans of the artist urging the US government to grant him a visa to travel to that country. The goal is for 1000 signatures and he is well on his way there. Whether or not he will get a visa is purely up to the government and as to why he never got a visa is still unknown, and the US government is not obligated to give reasons for visa denials.

Popcaan’s revelation is contrary to a previous post made by him in 2019 when he claimed that he was in New York City. In August of that same year, he was also set to perform at a Redbull clash event in Atlanta, but on the day of the event, the artist shared that he was not allowed to travel due to issues with his paperwork, but he did not give reasons or further explained what happened.

Popcaan has been plagued by immigration woes since entering the United Kingdom last year. The artist’s lawyer Bert Samuels revealed that he has been blocked and had a red flag allegedly placed on his record by Jamaican officials.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force later responded to the artist’s allegations as it clarified that Popcaan’s profile had been issued with a green notice alerting authorities of an alleged arrest for cocaine possession in 2011 and a marijuana possession conviction in Barbados in 2009.

Popcaan’s lawyer, however, filed a defamation suit against the Jamaican government and the JCF as he denied the allegations noting that he was never “arrested in Barbados or any other place for possession of cocaine” and that his “conviction in relation to marijuana” was expunged from criminal records in April 2016.

It’s unclear if that issue has anything to do with Popcaan not having a U.S. visa.

Popcaan’s tweet about campaigning for his U.S visa saw fans sharing their support for the artist, who is also releasing his fifth studio album on Friday, January 27, and possibly desires to tour the U.S to maximize the album’s earning potential from performances.

“Hey know once you touch down its over, d place lock arffffff,” one fan said.

“LOLz … after album drops I’m sure the consulate will reconsider,” another fan said.

Popcaan’s renewed push for a U.S. visa comes following reports that Beenie Man has received a visa to travel to the U.S. later this year. The artist will be performing at California’s Lover & Friends festival alongside some of the greatest names in the music industry for the first time in years since his visa was revoked by American authorities in 2010.

Popcaan released his latest album, Great Is He, on Friday and is currently in Canada doing a promotional run for the project.