Usain Bolt Send Subliminal Shots At SSL, Clock Ticks For $12 Million Handover

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt sends subliminal shots at the Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL, as the clock ticks to hand over his missing funds.

Urban Islandz reported on Monday that Usain Bolt’s attorneys fired off a letter to the investment company demanding that they hand over US$12.7 million or the equivalent of JM$2 billion within 10 days or face legal action. Up until the time of this publication, the SSL nor the government have yet to make a statement on the retired athlete’s missing funds, which was seemingly fleeced from his retirement account.

Usain Bolt is again reacting to the shocking news on Twitter. On Wednesday, he left a cryptic tweet giving fans a glimpse of his approach to the issue.

“A time to keep ……. and a time to speak; A time of war, and a time of,” the sprint legend tweeted while adding in another tweet on Thursday, “Deafening Silence.”

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Usain Bolt/Twitter

Usain Bolt has been getting a lot of support from his fans locally and internationally, with Jamaicans in the diaspora calling the fraud a stain on Jamaica’s history. Others called out the government by accusing the powers that be of failing one of the most legendary names in Jamaica’s history.

“If they do that to you a national treasure, imagine what they’d do to a working class civilian. You brought great pride to the country and hope to the people, this feels like a bad dream,” one follower tweeted.

Members of the dancehall community, including Baby Cham, Ce’Cile, and Skatta Burrell, have also publicly supported Usain Bolt. Cham shared a strong message in a video on his IG earlier this week, while producer Skatta Burrell calls out “choppa lifestyle” for encouraging people to take other people’s money.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has yet to comment on the issue, but Finance Minister, Nigel Clarke, calls the theft “alarming and evil fraud.”

Usain Bolt invested approximately US$10 million into the investment account in 2010 for his retirement. According to his attorney, up until October of last year, the account balance sat at US$12,758,181.74, but he currently only has US$12,000. The attorney gave the SSL 10 to return the US$12,047.65 difference or else face a lawsuit.

The SSL has not yet responded to the attorney’s letter, which was also sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. The financial sector’s governing body, the Financial Services Commission (FSC), has also not commented on Usain Bolt’s missing funds but has since stepped in to assume management of the investment company.

Since retiring from track and field, Usain Bolt launched a record label and has been producing music with his childhood friend NJ, real name Nugent Walker, is also his manager.