Skatta Burrell Says Usain Bolt A Victim Of The Glorification Of ‘Choppa Lifestyle’

Usain Skatta
Usain Bolt, Skatta Burrell / contributed

Skatta Burrell is the latest Jamaican dancehall celebrity to speak out following the theft of Usain Bolt’s retirement money.

Urban Islandz reported on Monday that Usain Bolt is a victim of a massive fraud at a financial company he invested just under US$10 million in a retirement account in 2010. While there were reports that the account was drained, leaving $2000, the retired athlete’s attorney is now saying only US$12,000 is left in the account and is demanding that the company, Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL, return his funds amounting to US$12.7 million within ten days or face a civil lawsuit.

Yesterday, Baby Cham shared a video condemning the fraud while calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Minister of Finance, Dr. Nigel Clarke, to speak on the matter publicly. Dancehall producer Skatta Burrell is now speaking out while alluding to the glorification of “choppa lifestyle,” has taken over all aspects of our society.

“Jamaicans been celebrating the Choppa lifestyle of late so I wonder how We feel now that one of our greatest Patriots Who’ve done the impossible via hard work, commitment and dedication to make this entire Nation proud is now a victim to this kinda theft?” Skatta Burrell wrote while sharing the video clip that Baby Cham posted. “We really need to reset our minds and understand that taking People’s hard earn income is nothing to be exalted nor celebrated. I join @thecham and others and hope Usain will get His funds returned. I nuh tek the money and I feel ashamed to know I live amongst People who have no morals whatsoever. #justiceforusainbolt Now.”

A quick glance at some of the comments will unearth the general sentiments of what Skatta Burrell said.

“Sad but it’s what it is these so call leaders leave a real bitter taste in this country call Jamaica we don’t have leaders we have bleeders that’s in power and position for there own benefits. The law’s they make is to protect there criminal entity. not us the people,” one person said.

“Change the tone of the music, even corporate people I see dancing to choppa songs at parties and carrying on wild. Music is a very powerful tool as such we Must be guided by its use,” another added.

On Monday, Usain Bolt reacted to the news using his song “Cryptic World,” which he and his manager/friend, NJ, released last year. SSL is currently under investigation, and the employee suspected of defrauding the athlete has been fired and reportedly cooperating with investigators pending charges.