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Boosie Badazz’s Daughter Steps Out With Her Girlfriend, Twitter Reacts

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz’s daughter is getting quite a bit of unwanted attention after social media users realized she was gay.

The Louisiana rapper has been a very loud anti-gay advocate, and his frequent comments are sometimes nasty and abrasive towards Dwyane Wade’s transgender child, Zaya Wade, and openly gay man, Lil Nas X. On Wednesday, a photo went viral, purportedly of Boosie’s daughter going Instagram official with her girlfriend. In the photo, his daughter Iviona Hatch who is 20 years old, poses with her girlfriend.

“Endlessly in love with you,” a caption is written over the photo.

Fans of Boosie and other social media users immediately reacted as many commented on her father being homophobic. “Now ion wanna hear sh*t bout no gay nothing come out his lips,” one person wrote under the photo. “Gabrielle Union like I told y’all nikkas, I told y’all nikkas,” another wrote.

On Twitter, another said, “Boosie’s daughter finally came out. I wish everyone flooded his TL cause we need the same energy he gave Lil Nas, or [an] apology.”

Boosie came under fire weeks ago after actress Gabrielle Union publicly addressed him for constantly speaking on Zaya Wade. A staple on Vlad’s YouTube show, the rapper has commented many times on both Wade and Lil Nas X. it seems that Union had gotten fed up with the comments as she name-dropped the rapper in an interview, telling him he had a “lot of dicks” on his mind.

Some fans also brought up old videos of Boosie speaking about his relationship with his daughter, noting that he “loves her to death,” but would never support her getting married to another woman.

“Hell No, Imma love them to death but I’m wont support marriage but I’m not giving my child away to another woman. I would love her to death….as parents we have the right to do that,” he said in a Breakfast Show interview some time ago.

The rapper has not reacted to fans flooding his mentions about his daughter.