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Kodak Black Admits He Cried Over Saweetie For Dating Quavo Over Him

Kodak Saweetie Quavo
Kodak Black, Saweetie, Quavo

Kodak Black became vulnerable during a recent IG Live and disclosed that he cried when Houston rapper Saweetie entered a relationship with Migos rapper Quavo rather than him.

During an Instagram Live with Florida rapper Yungeen Ace, the “Super Gremlin” rapper rapped a freestyle where he said he cried when Saweetie chose Quavo over him. It’s unclear if Saweetie is even aware of Kodak’s crush on her, but in the Livestream, he rapped, “I caught a case again, forgive me one last time/Saweetie picked Quavo over me, she made me cry/Better be in bed by the time them killers come out at night.”

When asked by Ace to clarify, he said, “I said, when Saweetie picked Quavo over me she made me cry brother,” he revealed. “When Saweetie picked Quavo over me she made me cry, bro.”

Saweetie and Quavo dated for about three years before calling it quits in 2021. The two rappers were seen in an elevator video fighting, and despite sharing a mutual statement announcing their breakup, Saweetie later hinted on social media that the breakup might have been caused by Quavo constantly cheating and buying her Birkin bags to make up.

Last year, she addressed the break-in on her Single Life EP with her song “Don’t Say Nothin'” as she responded to a song by Quavo that she cheated and betrayed him. Saweetie did not deny hooking up with Lil Baby, but she seemed upset that Lil Baby’s song “Not Finished,” had confirmed their tryst rumored to have occurred after her breakup with Quavo.

“Why n****s always speakin’ on who I’m f**kin’ on?/He must’ve got excited when I FaceTimed with nothin’ on,” she rapped while making reference to reports Lil Baby took her on a $100,000 shopping spree at Chanel in New York. “Them same lips that’s yappin’ be the ones I nutted on/A hunnid K, please, know how much paper I be touchin’ on?”

As for Kodak Black, Saweetie has not reacted to his disclosure. The rapper has since moved on with several different unknown women and welcomed two children with different women last year.