Starr Dawkins Clears The Air On Jahshii Relationship

Starr Jahshii
Starr Dawkins and Jahshii/Instagram

Starr Dawkins got some things off her chest about her rumored relationship with dancehall star Jahshii.

The Jamaican American artist was seen recently getting steamy with rising star Jahshii on social media leading to fans concluding that they are dating. However, Dawkins says that she and the artist’s chemistry is nothing more than acting for the screen and for their recent track “4Life,” which was released recently.

Last week, Starr Dawkins went viral after claiming that her ex-boyfriend Lincoln 3Dot was unknowingly her cousin, and they were sexually involved for years before they found out. She has recently been working on a music career and recently collaborated with Jahshii.

Videos and photos shared online showed the two artists gyrating and rubbing on each other, with Jahshii also grabbing her butt at one point. The artists also wore matching Dior outfits, but their convincing energy led fans to assume they were together.

In an interview on The Fix, Starr said nothing happened to Jahshii and that he was such a gentleman she planned to gift him a Rolex for her feature.

Starr Dawkins
Starr Dawkins/Instagram

“He did charge for the feature, he did not act like we needed to have sex in order to give me the song, the video was last minute and he was so cooperative, his hair was not done and because he did not want to be late and wants us to get the shots, he said f**k it I’ll be on time for you,” Starr said as she revealed that her shoot ended at 3 am and Jahshii left to get on a flight at 5 am for a show abroad.

The Cookie Wash owner revealed that she has worked with other producers and artists whom she paid for songs that have not cleared.

“Jahshii to me is a real G. I love Jahshii. Jahshii can do no wrong. If y’all got a problem with Jahshii, y’all got a problem with me,” she added.

Starr also clarified that her song with Masicka did not work out as planned, but she said that she wasn’t dissing Masicka and that the artist had not made any sexual advances to her as she cleared up speculations raised by the show’s hosts.

In the meantime, Starr Dawkins also addressed speculations online that the Spanish town deejay performed oral on her. The artist/entrepreneur revealed that in her conversations with the “Bigger Picture” deejay, the artist said that he was not a fan or nor does he perform oral sex.

For the ladies, Starr also confirmed that deejay’s “rifle” was huge as she explained that Jahshii’s size eliminated him as a prospect in his life. Since the rumors started about Jahshii and Starr Dawkins the “Cream of the Crop” artist has not confirmed or denied the link.