Starr Dawkins Says She And Lincoln 3Dot Are Cousins Which Led To Their Breakup

Lincoln 3Dot Starr Dawkins
Lincoln 3Dot, Starr Dawkins

Starr Dawkins reveals she and Lincoln 3Dot are cousins which was the catalyst of their highly publicized breakup.

In her latest The Fix interview, Starr Dawkins revealed that the real reason she and fellow artist Lincoln 3Dot broke up was that they found out they were cousins.

In her latest sit-down, the upcoming dancehall artist spoke about her music, her lyrics about oral sex, and dissing the Gaza Don Vybz Kartel, and she even touched on her relationship with Lincoln 3Dot.

When asked about the breakup, Dawkins confirms that it was Lincoln who broke up with her. “He did break up with me and everyone thinks I broke up with him,” she began.

“I hate bringing this up and it’s something we keep private. I’m here I might as well say it. We found out we’re cousins! Because we’re cousins we had to separate. Lincoln is my cousin like actual cousin so we broke up,” she said.

If that’s not enough cringe for you, The Fix host Naro pressed for Dawkins’s position on the whole matter as it sounded like she was fine with continuing the relationship.

Starr Dawkins
Starr Dawkins

“So you wanted to continue the relationship after you found you were cousins?” Naro asked.

“Didn’t you use to play dolly house with your cousins and do some things with your cousins?” she asked Naro.

“That’s dolly house, not sexual intercourse,” the host tells her.

Starr, however, quickly answered, “wasn’t our thing looking like a dolly house? It was other dollies involved it was always some sh*t going on”.

Starr Dawkins is known for her business Cookie Wash. She and Lincoln dated on and off for several years and also had a popular YouTube channel called Lincoln and Starr life.

In 2018, the couple had a public blow-up as he dragged her for putting their personal life on social media.

“This b***h drained all my f**king energy!!! Everything happen in our relationship you f**king bring on here. And I’ve been chilling and trying to talk to you about it. But no you don’t listen,” Lincoln commented.

“Stop bring man f**king business on this sh*t b***h!” he continued. “And you don’t f**king listen, I try to talk to your stupid a**. All this talking and I’ve been quiet. Tired of your sh*t.”

“Ain’t nobody looking for you!” he added. You p***y stink, you’re insecure, you’re too clingy, you’re annoying, you talk too much,” the comedian turned artist said.

Starr later responded with a video explaining the claims.

“Lincoln tryna downplay me and my cooking so nobody else want me! I have no shame tree, this man stink up my hole so I don’t give it away… When a guy love going in raw and bursting inside! Stink vagina is what happens. But that’s why we have cooking restored.”

Of course, the couple later reconciled and were seen during the Christmas holidays.

In a recent interview on The Fix, Lincoln said the two were “cool” but did not go into the reason behind the breakup.